Zora Lucis

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Name: ゾラ・ルシス (Zora Rushisu)
Age: 20 (Pre-Time skip) 22 (Post-Time skip)
Birthdate: September 29th
Height: 256cm
Weight: 143kg
Island of Origin: ???
Occupation: Marine
Epithet: "Master of Icy Flames"
Crew: G-12 Unit 3, G-1 Unit 1 (Former)
Position: Captain, Weapon Combatant
Current Bounty:


Dream: ???
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Zora Lucis is a weapon specialist and elite Marine Captain from G-1 who transferred to G-12, where he became the crew's weapon combatant.


Zora is an abnormally tall man, standing at 256cm, with an equally muscular physique. As for his facial features, he has sharp eyes and thin eyebrows set in a wry expression, and a placid frown. He wears an iron mask over his right face, and has a dark green buzz cut.

Over a tough body and the kanji "正義" tatooed onto his back, he wears the standard Marine coat like a cape, a pair of black pants, and a white belt. In place of his right arm he has a large mechanical prosthesis, the Elemental Blaster, which he recieved from Dr. Vegapunk a few years ago.

Mild JusticeEdit

Zora has a sense of justice, named "Mild Justice (冷静正義 Reisei Seigi)." The code is a variant of Moral Justice that maintains a calm emotion while offensively fighting in combat.


Zora is a very quiet and calm man. During his rare occasions of speech, he uses short, simple words to describe the situation. In battle, he prefers to quickly deal with his enemies as to save time, earning him high notority amongst pirates.




Momonga is the head of G-1. As such, Zora respects the Vice Admiral for his abilties; Momonga himself acknowledges Zora's strength, even positioning him as the leader of Unit 1, alongside Spartacus.

Spartacus was Zora's equivalent in Unit 1. The two were positioned as the leaders, at which position they managed to earn themselves notority amongst pirates and fame amongst the Marines.




Five years before the start of the storyline, Zora was sent on a mission to arrest a pirate captain with a bounty of Bsymbol67,000,000. Having had his arm severed during the battle, he was given the Elemental Blaster by Vegapunk, as a mechanical prothesis.

The Wrath of GasEdit

A month before present, Zora and his crew was sent to Nekros to investigate the recent increase of toxins released by the island. In preparation for the worst, he stayed behind at the base, as a single accident could leave the entire unit stranded on Nekros.

Four weeks later, he recieved a call from Spartacus stating that he was stranded on Nekros without any supplies. Accordingly, he departed from the base in request of assistance.

Grand Line SagaEdit

Chapter IIEdit

Major BattlesEdit


  • Zora Lucis' name is derived from sora, meaning "sky," and lucis, meaning "light."
  • Like the other members of G-12 Unit 3, Zora has a theme.
    • His general theme is steel.
    • His color theme is green.
  • His combat text color is 003300.

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