Zora Lucis

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Name: ゾラ・ルシス (Zora Rushisu)
Age: 20 (Pre-Time skip) 22 (Post-Time skip)
Birthdate: September 29th
Height: 256cm
Weight: 143kg
Island of Origin: ???
Occupation: Marine
Epithet: "Master of Icy Flames"
Crew: G-12 Unit 3, G-1 Unit 1 (Former)
Position: Captain, Weapon Combatant
Current Bounty:


Dream: ???
Page created by: Alphadhbeta

Abilities and PowersEdit

Zora posesses incredible and inhuman power, being able to fight on par with Spartacus. He was also able to defeat a pirate with a bounty of Bsymbol67,000,000.

Weapons WieldingEdit

Zora is a powerful weapon specialist, having taken down a pirate with Bsymbol67,000,000 on his head. His skills in weapons wielding has earned him the rank Marine Captain and epithet "Master of Icy Flames."

Elemental BlasterEdit

In combat, he uses his Elemental Blaster, a Kairoseki prosthesis presented to him by Doctor Vegapunk for becoming the leader of G-1 Unit 1. Though Zora has yet to reveal his precise skills, it is known that he is proficient in using Elemental Blaster.



  • Regular Skills


Elemental Blast (エレメンタル ブラスト Erementaru Burasuto): Zora's signature attack. He shoots a burst of elements, creating an explosion of icy fire that crashes into the opponent.

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