"Scum and a rat." Nobody talking about Yot.


Captain Yot is a marine captain, and an antagonist of Return to memory arc. He is famous for owning the Gomu Gomu no mi until Marshall D. Tack ate it.


He is a tall skinny pail fellow, who wears nice suits.


He is a corrupt man, who enjoys shooting people, and being service by women. This is shown working with a pirate to kill the marines who were going to tell marine HQ of his actions. He also shows disloyalty, when he was going to kill said pirate, so he could be stationed in the south blue, and be surrounded by beautiful women, showing a somewhat perverted side.


Being a marine captain, he can control people below his rank. Physical strength is unknown, but presumed low for being defeated by Tack with complete ease. He was however, the first person to wake up at the marine base, despite being defeated last.

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