Personality and Relationships


Having only appeared on a small number of occasions in the marineford war, there is little of her personality that can be ascertained as of late, aside from a confident stance and a somewhat laid-back demeanor. But after leaving their alliance, Whitey had shown some true color. She seems to be a proud pirate and is determined to show that even that a woman can become the Queen of the pirates. Whitey seems to be a very independent individual, she had refused to become a subordinate to Kojiro and to become a lover of his. So Whitey has a self respect and that isn't scare to stand up against anyone.


Kojiro UesugiEdit

Whitey Bay seemed to have joined Kojiro and his forces out of free will, she is a rookie pirate and wishes to make a name for herself. She commented that she and her crew will serve Kojiro, but just until she gains the fame she wishes. But as timed passed she had figured out that being one of Kojiro's Subordinates isn't so bad. Her and her crew get good meals and all of the money they can want, so they seem to have be in good standings as of now.

Whitebeard PiratesEdit

Originally and ally, seeming to be friendly with them. Whitey was on good standing with them, however after Whitebeard's death. The crew members and some of the other allies, had talked about Whitey not doing her full part and thus why it had lead to the death of both Whitebeard and Ace. So insulted by this, she has cut her alliance and set out to prove that she did all she could have done. So as of now she has a hate for the crew and even spits whenever she says the name whitebeard. It was revealed whenever Kojiro had captured Marco, Izo and Vista. She had paid a visit to their cells and laughed at them, commenting on how the might had fallen.

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