White Lily Island
  • Small part that is in Grand Line
Japanese Name:
English Name: White Lily
Region: Calm Belt though small part is in Grand line also.


Summary of the Island.

Is it a Kingdom, a large city or just an island with a few small towns? Whatever you want it to be.


Island's history. Explains any significant events.


Explain the layout of the land. This may also be a section to place notable locations, such as cities, shrines, forests, etc.


Explain the types of buildings or theme of the island.


Expain significant points about the island's culture.


Explain the type of government, be it Kingdom, despotism, Republic, etc. and any significant points.


List the people who reside on the island, both current or past.


Ace appears on White Lily after fighting BlackBeard. He is then taken care of by ? .

Lora and Star show up when Ace is healed, The three then ?.

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