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War of West Blue Saga (KDAU)
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Weighing Anchor

Destination West Blue

Stern Cabin Of The 4th Fleet FlagshipEdit

Gabriel had returned to his flagship after being told Ericka had found something important. It had to be vital information if she was willing to send a runner to bring him back to the ship. As he walked into the cabin he noticed that his cabin was coated in papers of all kinds, from reports and messages to land maps and sea charts. It was the reason he kept her around and gave her the authority that was far above her rank.

Gabriel: What's so important that you'd drag me back here right now?

Ericka: I've found the Blackbeard Fleet. The intel pattern has shown where they have been. If they continue following the path they've been on we can predict where they will be next.

Gabriel sat down on the one uncovered bit of furniture in the room, as he took in the gravity of her statement. He then looked at the map on which Ericka had marked out their path.

Gabriel: We should check out the first island they came to in West Blue. It's the first port of call for any fleet from the Grand Line. If I was them I would have fortified the island to stop any chance of resupplying without a fight.

Ericka was once again amazed by her leader's insight. With nothing but a line on a map and a few scraps of information he'd been able to deduce the placement and strategic thinking of enemy forces. It was the reason she followed him when she could have taken up a position with a higher rank.


Chapter 3
Chapter 5
War of West Blue Saga (KDAU)

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