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War of West Blue
War of West Blue
Japanese Romanji: Nishiao no sensō
Japanese Kanji: 西青の戦争
Factions Involved: The Ascendant Marines, The Divergent Marines, The Blackbeard Pirates (2nd Generation)
Point in Timeline: 15 Years After 2nd Pirate King


15 years after the rise of the second Pirate King, the second generation of the Blackbeard Pirates decided that they would become the new rulers of the islands of West Blue. To this end they gathered their forces and moved their power base from the Grand Line to the West Blue. The West Blue, which was under the control of The Dragon Kings and The Divergent Marines, was woefully unprepared for the power of the Grand Line Pirate Armada. The second generation Blackbeard Pirates took control of an island in the center of West Blue, before sending out divisions to conquer whole kingdoms.

With The Divergent Marines all but wiped out in West Blue, the Dragon Kings ordered that a Flotilla be sent to recover the islands and defeat the Blackbeards. However the Flotilla was unprepared for the power of the pirate armada and was destroyed. The commander of the Flotilla managed to send off a message about the size of the enemy forces before they were wiped out. With The Divergent Marines having suffered two major losses in West Blue, The Golden Emperors saw an opportunity to take control of their rival's territory. So they ordered that the 4th Ascendant Marine Fleet be dispatched to defeat the pirates and recover the islands of West Blue. With their two Admirals already deployed on active service on the Grand Line, the 4th Fleet was placed under the command of Vice Admiral Gabriel Iustita. It was his duty to lead the campaign to recover the islands of West Blue from the control of the pirates.


The Ascendant MarinesEdit

Ascendant Eagle

4th Ascendant FleetEdit

Vice Admiral Gabriel IustitaEdit

Gabriel was dispatched to the West Blue in command of the 4th Ascendant Fleet after the initial Flotilla dispatched by The Divergent Marines was destroyed by the superior forces of the 2nd Generation Blackbeard Pirates.

Commodore Julia AitkenEdit

Julia is the commander of the 1st Flotilla of the 4th Ascendant Fleet and a member of Gabriel's Guardians.

Commodore Raphael BeauchampEdit

Raphael is the commander of the 2nd Flotilla of the 4th Ascendant Fleet and a member of Gabriel's Guardians.

Ensign Amii KolachovaEdit

Amii is an ensign, the adjutant to the commodore of the 2nd Flotilla of the 4th Ascendant Fleet and a member of Gabriel's Guardians.

The Divergent MarinesEdit

Divergent Eagle

3rd Divergent FleetEdit

The 3rd Divergent Fleet was the unit posted to the defence and policing of West Blue. It's forces were mostly wiped out by the invasion of The 2nd Generation Blackbeard Pirates from the Grand Line. However a few units managed to escape the onslaught and took shelter on various islands.

9th Drone FlotillaEdit

The 9th Drone Flotilla was the unit sent to investigate the lack of communication from the 3rd Divergent Fleet. The Flotilla was entirely destroyed by the The 2nd Generation Blackbeard Pirates, but they manged to get a message out telling the world of the Blackbeard's invasion.

2nd Generation Blackbeard PiratesEdit

Blackbeard Pirates (2nd Gen)

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