A Void Wraith is a person who's physical form has been altered slightly by prolongued exposure to chaos. Technicly, most who are reffered to as Void Wraiths are actually members of other, more normal species, such as humans or fishmen, but due to their altered appearances they are also reffered to as Wraiths by many. Many actual Void Wraiths change so drasticly they can no longer be considered part of their orriginal species.

Void Wraiths are often met with distrust, due to their appearances, as well as the other unusual characteristics they exhibit.


Void Wraiths can only orriginate from dense distortions, where exposure to shifting reality can cause unusual mutations or effects on a living being's physiology. While it is most common for somebody to mutate into one over time, usually in order for this to occur the Void Wraith must suffer exposure to chaotic elements for a very long duration, and so this most commonly occurs if the Void Wraith grows from childhood within distortions. It is also possible, in extreme cases of distortion, for a person to be born with the properties of a Void Wraith, though usually this requires for at least one parent to have undergone the same change.

Traits and characteristicsEdit

Void Wraiths often start to show unusual physical traits such as veins and arteries turning dark blue (or ocaisionally green) and sometimes becoming faintly luminescent. This conversion can also apply to other parts of the body, but usually softer tissues first. However, this chaos contamination allone does not signify a Void Wraith allone, and is merely a first sign that a person is becoming one. True Void Wraiths show a much later stage of this transformation, and have entire patches of skin, or their whole body, coloured dark blues and greens, as well as usually develloping unusual luminescent marks or patches on their skin.

Other traits tend to vary drasticly, due to the unpredictable nature of the transformation, but commonly include enhanced or unearthly reflexes, and minor mutations.

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