"Opposite Girl"

D. Bombastsus

(Real name: Usta D. Bombastus)


Pre time~skip age: 14

Post time~skip age: 16

Gender: Female

First appearance: ???

Species: Human

Blood type: A-

Birthdate: 9/12

Height: "5" foot "9"

Weight: *flips off the interviewer*

Birthplace: ???

Occupation: Marine Admiral

Family: ???

Current Bounty: 0 Beli

Bounty History

1st Bounty: Beli 0

Reason: Marines don't have bounties.

Dream: to create a world where everything is strange.

Devil Fruit

Japanese name: ???

English name: Other Other Fruit

Type: Paramecia

Abilities: Allows the user to create an opposite or warped version of anything.

Page Created By: Lixis10

"Silly pirate, I'll be taking you in now. You don't mind do you?" *wink*

-Usta to a amateur pirate captain


Usta is a Marine Admiral, and is very respected by her fellow marines, she is rather powerful besides her appearance. She is also very sweet, even to pirates. For some reason she looks at a person and instantly categorizes them. (Example: Lixis D. Korosume = Hopeless, Kara Mell = Slut, Kame Rosutaka = Pedophile) She also has a very strange taste of food. Even though her food looks horrible, it is amazing and tasty, and it only costs 100,000,000 Beri.


Possibly the strangest personality in the world. She categorizes people instantly, and likes hugging some people for fun. She can also be insanely scary, and menacing.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Usta is rather agile and strong on her own, she can use all forms of Rokushiki well, she has a knowledge of haki, and her devil fruit allows her to warp anything around her, or copy it.


Usta usually wears long black boots with heels, shorts, black sleeves, a gray minishirt, and a jacket. She looks the same Pre time skip to Post time skip.

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