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Tyrant Pirates
Tyrant Pirates Roger
Japanese Name: ツヴァイ海賊
Romanized Name: Senshu no Waku
English Name: Tyrant Pirates
Main Ship: The Red Tyrant
First Appearance: Kojiro's Wrath Arc
Captain: Kojirō Uesugi
Total Bounty: Bsymbol10 Not Yet Revealed

The Tyrant Pirates (ツヴァイ海賊, Senshu no Waku) is one of the Anti-Yonko crews, in which one of the massive and fearsome crew throughout the seas. The Tyrant crew had first appeared after Whitebeard's death and many of his own crew members, who were under Marco's command at the time. Didn't seem to have a plan of action, after Kojiro dug up the bodies of Whitebeard and Ace, putting their bodies up on poles. Trying to get the whitebeard crew out and putting them right into a trap, Kojiro and his subordinates captured most of the members.

Since then Kojiro has gotten many members of his armada, mostly through the use of force or the promise of material wealth. Among some of the most famous figures that were put into substantiation are many members of the whitebeard crew and many other pirates feared throughout the world. However in order to keep these subordinates on the right path, many of them have been injected with a drug Zaimon named after Kojiro's chief strategist and scientist Tensoba Zaimon. Keeping rebellion down to a minimum, with this plan the crew plans to capture all of the most powerful pirates in the world and put them into service for whenever Kojiro is ready to take over the world.

Jolly RogerEdit

The Jolly roger of the crew is a boar skull and a cross bones, however there was also another few sets of flags that was seen. During the days as it was an army, Kojiro had have a boar as their symbol and now with a boars skull. Which is believed to represent that dead skeleton of the Kojiro's once great army. It had been revealed that one of the most important parts of their plan is to try and resurrect Whitebeard from the grave and use him.

Crew StrengthEdit

As one of the Anti-Yonko crews, the tyrant pirates are feared throughout the world as one of the most destructive ever. Their true often relies in the pirates they capture and put into service for them, however the full strength of the crew haven't been revealed yet.


The Tyrant Pirates
Kojirō wanted Mano wanted Mudon Wanted Tensoba Wanted
Kojirō Uesugi Mano D. Tirano Mudon Jiao Tensoba Zaimon
Kotaro wanted Respire wanted Nobu wanted Lady Amarantha wanted
Kotaro Fuma Respira la Muerta Lord Nobu Lady Amarantha
Cabeza wanted Shirataki wanted Silencioso wanted Fan Rao Wanted
Cabeza de Urdimbre Shirataki Tsuyoki Silencioso Fan Rao
Tenkai Wanted Karakaze wanted Braddock Wanted Anthony Wanted
Tenkai Karakaze Braddock D. Ambrose Anthony D. Ambrose
The Maru Brothers
Taku wanted Haku wanted Baku wanted
Taku Haku Haku
Caribou thumbnail Izou portrait Marco thumb Kriegportrait
Caribou Izo Marco Don Krieg
Apoothumb -Whitey Bay Portrait Vista av LargoThumb
Scratchmen Apoo Whitey Bay Vista Largo
The Red Dragon The Mistress
The Red Tyrant The Mistress

Devil FruitsEdit


  • Kojirō Uesugi- is to have a grand paradise of his vision, filled with all of the gold he wants and to rule over everything.

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