Trezi Trezi no Mi

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Japanese Name: (japanese kanji)
English Name: Awaken Awaken
Meaning: to awaken a power within the one who consumed the fruit.
Type: Paramecia,
Power: To awaken a power within the consumer.

Eaten By:?


Story / Creator:


The Trezi Trezi no Mi is said to be one of the most rare Devil Fruits around due to it's unique powers. It's often misleading as people believe it is a Mythical Zoan when really it is said to be in the Paramecia class. Also the Trezi Trezi no Mi has yet to be eating however the power of the Devil Fruit awakens the power from within one self. That in itself can confuse people as many do not understand the fruits power. Therefor if a Form Shifter and human have a child together and the human is female, If the trairts from the Form changer can't be seen the power from the Trezi Trezi no Mi will unlock the Form Shifter traits into the child of the Form changer.


The Trezi Trezi no Mi looks like a White apple with silver swirls around it.


How does that character use this Devil Fruit? How does it function? Does this character use this Devil Fruit any differently from the previous user?


The biggest benefits that come with Trezi Trezi no Mi is finding out about one's families past and where they came from. Though pending on what thee persons back ground the power will differ person to person. That being said if a noble ate it but had no powerful ancestor the power of the said Devil Fruit would be more or less void.


Aside from the standard, universal Devil Fruit weaknesses it is unsure to what other weakness this Devil Fruit has. Though pending there could very well leave a person weak.


Due to how the Trezi Trezi no Mi works it has no attacks or defending powers making the one who ate it use their own abilty for attacks.


Many people get confused on what class the Trezi Trezi no Mi falls under due to it's rare powers. However it falls under the Paramecia call as it awaken the person power from within.

Another thing with this fruit even though it taste gross the person is unable to stop fron finishing it.

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