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Tiger Dory

Name: タイガー ドーリー(Taigā Dōrī)
Age: 47
Species: Fishman
Height: 403cm
Weight: 630kg
Island of Origin: Fishman Island
Occupation: Royal Guard
Epithet: "Sea Panther"
Crew: Ryugu Legion
Position: Officer
  • John Dory (Brother)
Dream: Peace between fishmen/merfolk and humans.
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Tiger Dory, also known as the "Sea Panther," is a tiger shark fishman and one of Ryugu Kingdom's Royal Guards. 


Tiger, as a tiger shark fishman, is incredibly tall and heavy, being 403cm and 630kg; like Whitebeard, he is also well-proportioned. His body is covered in rough, dark blue skin, except his pectorals and stomach which is pearl white. He possesses several rows of sharp fangs that can regrow near-infinitely, a dorsal fin, and webbed hands.

His facial features include intimidating eyes, a stub nose, and a wide grin. He has long, curly dark hair, which falls to his shoulders.

Unlike the other Royal Guards, Tiger wears his own attire. His consists of shin-high black pants, an opened blue long-sleeved coat, a coffee-brown belt with the letters TD on it, and orange-brown flip-flops.


Abilities and PowersEdit

Along with John Dory, Edd Luce, and Kuda, Tiger is an officer. He has authority over the soldiers of the Ryugu Legion, and can lead a group in a retaliation attack.

As a fishman, he is supposedly ten times stronger than humans, and twice that in water. However, his strength is likely to be even stronger than that. Before his alliance with the Winged Pirates, he was able to stop their entire crew from attacking Hody with his bare hands. After the alliance, he dealt severe internal damage to all of the New Fishmen officers with his Fishman Karate.

Fishman KarateEdit

Speaking of Fishman Karate, Tiger is a high level user of it. He was able to deal severe internal damage to the officers of the New Fishmen Pirates, each with a single punch, kick, or water bullet. Tiger also displayed that with a cannon of water, he was able to strike down Blitz.


As a Royal Guard, he wields a trident. He seems to be proficient in using it, as the trident itself is notorious among Fishman Island.



Major BattlesEdit


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