Pirate Crew Name
Main Ship: Blue Pheasant (Namazonia Island)
Captain: Salazar D. Hyorei
Total Bounty: Bsymbol 230,000,000

The Knight Pirates (騎士一味, Kishi no Ichimi) is a newly found Pirate Crew led by Salazar D. Hyorei. It doesn't have many members because of it being newly founded, they are also called the Namazonia Guardians (アマゾニア保护, Amazonia Hogo) because they also guard Namazonia Island which is their "ship".

Jolly RogerEdit

Describe the crew's jolly roger here.

Crew MembersEdit

List the individual members of the crew here. What are their names? Their positions?

Crew StrengthEdit

Explain just how strong each crew member is, and how strong they are when compared to one another.


List the crew's individual bounties here.

Relationships amongst the CrewEdit

How does your crew get along? Who works the best with who? Who argues the most with the others? How do your crew members treat each other on a daily basis?


What are your crew members' hopes and dreams? What are their aspirations for the future? Their goals that they want to achieve?


Crimes/Events committed


Tell us fun facts about your crew.

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