" 私はこの世界に基づいヘルファイアをもたらしている。罪の炎でこの土地の光をパージし、まだ人生は成長を続けています。しかし、それでもまだ、私は嘆き悲しむ以上のことをしなければなりません。この無慈悲なレルムの黒焦げの遺体と黒くなった時に眠りには、これが私の願いであり、あなたはそれを付与するために幸運なものでなければならない!"

" Watashi wa kono sekai ni motodzui herufaia o motarashite iru~. Tsumi no honō de kono tochi no hikari o pāji shi~, mada jinsei wa seichō o tsudzukete imasu~. Shikashi, soredemo mada, watashi wa nagekikanashimu ijō no koto o shinakereba narimasen~. Kono mujihina rerumu no kurokoge no itai to kuroku natta toki ni nemuri ni wa, kore ga watashi no negaideari, anata wa sore o fuyo suru tame ni kōun'na monodenakereba naranai~! "

The Fantasma Diabolus Flag

The Fantasma Diabolus flag

"I have brought Hellfire upon to this world. With the flames of Sin to purge the light of this land and still Life continues to thrive. But still, I must do more than lament. To slumber upon the charred and blackened remains of this merciless realm, this is my wish and YOU shall be the fortunate one to grant it!"

-Lord Azazel to Gol D. Roger

The Fantasma Diabolus is the Latin words of “The Phantom Devils” and simply in Japanese words, “Fantomudebiruzu”. The Fantasma Diabolus, are nothing but the most dangerous group of pure darkness which was lead by the ruthless Demon Emperor, Lord Azazel. The Fantasma Diabolus are the devils that came from the underworld of the abyss. The Fantasma DIabolus possessed such ruthless ambitious which to attempt to destroy the world completely for making their own empire under the name of the Demon Lord Azazel. They are not the pirates, marines or the world government, but they are the most cruel demon warriors which originally born from the depth of hell and was once sealed away by the pirate king, Gol D. Roger before his demise. Surprisingly, Lord Azazel is the most powerful villain in One Piece universe which no warriors could be able to defeat him "entirely" yet, and he is Gol D. Roger’s strongest and no.1 adversary. Gol D. Roger sealed him away instead of killing him entirely because it is very impossible to kill an undead Demon Emperor himself. Another reason is because Gol D. Roger claims that it is destiny for the Demon Emperor to return one day from the depth of the abyss and shall bring his ultimate wrath of his hellfire upon to this world once again in the future.

Interestingly, Shiki and Oz were once joined the Fantasma Diabolus group, but was kicked out by Lord Azazel because Shiki failed to commit one of his hardest missions which was to kill all the leaders of the World Government but Shiki never mentioned about Lord Azazel during his battle with Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Luffy. While Oz didn't even mentioned about Fantasma Diabolus or his former master, Lord Azazel once before during his fight with the Straw Hat Crew episodes too. It is unknown as to why Lord Azazel's hatred upon the World Government could be so intense.

Lord Azazel is voiced by Norio Wakamoto.


The Demon Emperor, Lord Azazel

Nobunaga Oda Devil Trigger

The Manipulator Killer, Reaper

Kakuzu full

The Dark Machine, Jugganuthartos with Rachel


The Hornet Eye, Infortunium


The Psycho Butler, Slayer


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