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The Divergent Marines
Divergent Eagle
Japanese Romanji: Hassan umi heitai
Japanese Kanji: 発散海兵隊
World Government Faction: The Dragon Kings
Faction Romanji: Ryūō
Faction Kanji: 竜王
Fleet Admiral:
Areas Of Control: South Blue, West Blue, Areas of Grand Line



The practice called "Tethering", whereby the unwilling recruits have a device attached to their neck and upper spine in order to pump low levels of a neuro-toxin that make the subject very suggestible. This is combined with a form of brain washing that makes the subject only obey commands from those in a Divergent Marine uniform. Those outside the controls of the tethers are usually those of at least commissioned officer rank.



Human WeaponsEdit

Human Weapons are one of the major weapons of the Divergent Marines, most of their Centurion rank being made up of fifth order human weapons.

There are six orders of human weapons current in production and use within The Divergent Marines. Each is classified by their power levels the weakest being first order and the strongest being sixth order. The higher order human weapons are usually given more autonomy than the lower orders and their abilities are usually more complicated.

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