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The Divergent Marines
Divergent Eagle
Japanese Romanji: Hassan umi heitai
Japanese Kanji: 発散海兵隊
World Government Faction: The Dragon Kings
Faction Romanji: Ryūō
Faction Kanji: 竜王
Fleet Admiral:
Areas Of Control: South Blue, West Blue, Areas of Grand Line



To the Divergent Marines victory is all important, so long as order is kept and pirates are defeated or killed they do not care what methods are employed. As such most officers have both a high success rate and a high rate for soldiers, weapons and ships lost under their command.


The Divergent marines see themselves as the ultimate form of order in the world. Therefore they believe that all forms of law enforcement and local government should be under their purview. As such they have taken control of many islands and substituting the governing and ruling bodies for their own.


The Divergent Marines believe that they must be the ultimate power in the world in order to fulfill the other parts of their doctrine. Therefore they put a huge amount of their resources into weapons development. This combined with their doctrine of victory at any cost has lead to massive advances in the human weapons front.


The Divergent Marines believe that in order to stop the plague of piracy any means are justified by positive results. As such they are willing to use what other would consider unsavory methods to bolster their numbers. One of their primary methods is a practice called "Tethering", whereby the unwilling recruits have a device attached to their neck and upper spine in order to pump low levels of a neuro-toxin that make the subject very suggestible. This is combined with a form of brain washing that makes the subject only obey commands from those in a Divergent Marine uniform. Those outside the controls of the tethers are usually those of at least commissioned officer rank.

Tethered MarinesEdit

Untethered MarinesEdit


The level of basic training recieved by those who voluntarily join the ranks of The Divergent Marines is much more extensive than that recieved by those who join The Ascendant Marines. This is because of those none tethered are immediately given the rank of Centurion and command over 100 tethered Drones of various ranks. As such the level of training required to properly organise that number of people is more extensive. However though they recieve much more training, because they do not work their way up through the ranks their experience is much less than that of the Ascendant counterparts.

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