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The Divergent Marines
Divergent Eagle
Japanese Romanji: Hassan umi heitai
Japanese Kanji: 発散海兵隊
World Government Faction: The Dragon Kings
Faction Romanji: Ryūō
Faction Kanji: 竜王
Fleet Admiral:
Areas Of Control: South Blue, West Blue, Areas of Grand Line


The Divergent Marines are one half of the current Marine forces in KDAU. They support one of the two World Government factions. They're sphere of control covers the entire South and West Blues and they are in constant competition for control over the Grand Line with The Ascendant Marines.

The Divergent Marines operate around core principles:


After the many battles following the rise of the Second Pirate King, a divide in opinion formed within the World Government and Marines. One side believed that a complete change in policy and structure was required to deal with the massive increase in pirate activity, whilst the others believed that the system merely needed to be improved. With the death of the eldest of the Gorosei the balance of power in the council was broken and the difference in opinion became a true divide. The four remaining memebers of the Gorosei split into two groups, called "The Golden Emperors" and "The Dragon Kings".

Following this divide the The Ascendant Marines and The Divergent Marines were formed. The Ascendant Marines, supporting The Golden Emperors, believed that the methods and doctrine of the old style Marines were not wrong, but they merely needed improvement. Whereas the Divergent Marines, supporting The Dragon kings, believed that a whole new system was needed to fight the greatest pirate threat since Gol D. Roger.

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