Terepoto Terepoto no Mi
Japanese Name: テレポートテレポートの実
Romanized Name: Terepoto Terepoto no Mi
English Name: Teleport Teleport Fruit
Meaning: Teleport
Usage Debut: None Yet
Type: Paramecia
User: Magarani D. Grim

The Terepoto Terepoto no Mi (テレポートテレポートの実, Teleport Teleport Fruit) is a Paramecia classed Devil Fruit that allows the user to teleport to anywhere in the world as long as he knows how far it is, It has been eaten by Magarani D. Grim

Strength And WeaknessesEdit

The main strength of this fruit is that the user is capable of teleporting to anywhere he wants to my merely looking at the destination or by knowing where it is (As seen by Grim's constant teleportation around his enemies), Yet for extremely far or unseen destinations, The user has to know exactly how far his destination is by milimeters, Meters and kilometers which would take great knowledge for the user to have.

It apears that the user can make other people teleport with him by direct contact or by teleporting someone whos touching the same thing the user is touching such as a weapon or a box.

The fruits only known weakness is that the user cannot make things that are under water teleport because that water negates the abilities of a Devil Fruit user, Other than that the user suffers from the standard Devil Fruit weakness.


Grim has mastered this fruit completely that he can teleport people by simply touching them with one finger or make an object teleport without teleporting himself, He can also teleport things to random places that even he cant tell where the teleported target might end up.

He has also shown the ability of teleporting things twice his size such as ships or boulders, Yet Grim has shown the inability of teleporting an object that is covered in water because it negates his ability.

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