Devil Fruit Name

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Japanese Name:

(japanese kanji)

English Name:
Meaning: Spawn


Eaten By:

Story / Creator: 13th madman

universe: 13th Dimension


The Tamago Tamago no Mi is a paramecia type Devil fruit that has the power to create Living beings, or bring things to life. It has been described as a miraculous power by some, but is not without limitations, and in the hands of it's current user, Sepulchre of the Harlequin pirates, it has been used to threatening effect.



The Tamago Tamago no Mi can be used to grant life to inanimate objects. At it's simplest, this simply animates them using the user's own lifeforce. This tires the user, draining their strength, and possibly decreasing their lifespan, but directly animates the object allowing it to move and act seemingly on it's own for varying periods of time. Sepulchre appears to be able to direct the animated objects in some way, although it is unknown whether this is a result of the power or some other unknown skill.

In a much slower process, the Tamago Tamago no Mi can also be used to literally transform objects into living entities. This physically alters them to posess some form of functional organs and methods of movement. Objects animated in this way are more independant, and remain animated indefinately, possibly permenantly. This technique is much more rarely used due to the long delay needed to transform the objects, as well as some apparent stamina limitations



The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.



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