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Take Take no Mi

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Japanese Name: タケタケの実"Taketakenomi"
English Name: Peak Peak Fruit
Meaning: Literally mountain peak.
Type: Paramecia
Power: Gives the user the ability to alter the terrain.
Eaten By: ???
Story / Creator: Alphadhbeta

The Take Take no Mi is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that allows the user to alter the terrain in any way they wish. Take (岳) is the Japanese kanji for "mountain peak." It was eaten by ???.


The fruit's main use, outside of battle is for create small valleys or mountains that can act as hideouts. Other than valleys and mountains, minor slopes, cliffs, canyons, and even volcanos can be created for the same effect, though they are mostly used in combat.

In combat, the user may alter the terrain so that the user gains an advantage in some way; for example making the user's ground level higher than the opponent's. Creating crevices and splits in the ground can trap opponents in the ground. Earthquakes can be created, too, though the power would pale in comparison to Edward Newgate's Gura Gura no Mi.

Further training with the fruit may allow the user to be able to command varying tidal waves (where there's sufficient water), tsunamis, or even floods by either creating small earthquakes or shifting the terrain to attract a river or a body of water to a certain area.


The fruit's major strength is that the user may always gain an advantage; by raising the ground the user is on and lowering the opponent's, the user gains the advantage created by gravity. The user may also create pitfall traps on the ground to immobilize the opponent.

Another strength of this fruit is that the user always has a place to stand, no matter what happens, because the user can simply create high mountains if the world floods. Thus this can be one of the few fruits that covers the natural Devil Fruit weakness.


The fruit's major weakness is that the user's muscles and body may become stressed (to the point that immobilization takes place) when altering the terrain to drastic points or when used too frequently. This makes the user more of a puppeteer rather than a real alterer. However, this weakness can be covered by sufficient muscle training or by limiting usage. Other than that, the user is affected by the standard Devil Fruit weakness.

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