Supesu Supesu no Mi

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Japanese Name: Supesu Supesu No Mi
English Name: Space Space Fruit
Meaning: Space


Power: Manipulate Space
Eaten By: Jonquise De Geox
Story / Creator:

Supesu Supesu no mi or Space Space fruit in the Viz Manga and funimation version is a paramecia Class devil fruit that grants the user the ability to alter and manipulate space. It is one of the devil fruits that have a reptutation of being invincible.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The user can Warp ,Bend ,Flip,crush and otherwise manipulate space at all physical aspects with areas of ones choosing but the user cannot create new planets or manipulate existing planets. It allows only the ability to manipulate an area, not to defy its law so gravity ,friction and many other rules still apply usually . However it is possible for user of this devil fruit to give the illusion that they are manipulating gravity by floorlifting or manipulating spatial pressure, such as decreasing the spatial size of a planet without altering its structure. The user can Attack with space by spatial slicing.The user can create and manipulate Dark Matter by disorting the space the user can also merge them self with another item or Another Item with another Item. The user is able to to emit a spherical field wherever the user wishes that applies a specific effect to all inside the field. The user is also able to Spatial Manipulation allows chancing/controlling distance and space/dimensions both reducing/increasing and/or twisting/bending them.Cause a loop in space so that the "edges" of affected area aren't connected to the space outside but loop to the other size of the affected area. Also the user is able to Open portals anywhere they wish connecting them how they wish. Jonquise Has been shown to use the Spactial Slicing, Dark matter manipulation and Teleportation abilities the most.


Besides from the standard devil fruit the user suffers from some weaknesses the user can not affect people or objects . It is also extremely hard devil fruit to Fully Master you have to eat it at a very young age to master it. The user cannot. It also takes alot out of The user if its not used right or the user doesnt get the right amount of rest.

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