Flying towards New Dawn island!Edit

It was a calm afternoon on the sea as a girl and fox wolf could be seen flying. To most it would be somewhat odd that the two figures was flying on guard. However to them it was little over four weeks since they had left the island where one was prisoner while the other was weaker then most would believe. The girl having on black shorts and a blue short while having butterfly like wings on her back acting like a shield for the bag that is also resting on her back. While the blue fox wolf having angel wings flies a few feet away. It is a sight most would think they'd lost their minds. The girl shakes her head while the fox wolf is trying to talk to her.

"Lora Lora are you ok." The Fox wolf asked.

"Huh oh yea just thinking and trying to ignore our stomachs Star." Lora stated not looking over

"I think there's an island nearby. Why don't we land and eat." Star asked giving a fox grin/

A small smile appears on Lora's face. Though she doesn't want to say anything she is also getting a bit tired from flying.

"That sounds good but would they really let us. I mean those morons have stated all kinds of lies." Lora said as she flew back up.

"Who knows as long as we don't cause any trouble we should be good." Star says looking over.

Lora sighs but nod as they keep flying towards the island known as New Dawn island. Meanwhile on New Dawns island in the town of Blackstone the islanders are going about their day. Each either selling goods to the travelers that stop at the island, While other were hanging clothes up to dry on the clothes lines. Some are just having a chat with a fellow neighbor. It was another calm day thanks to Whitebeard himself. As the flag with his mark hanging just outside the town gates many wouldn't think anyone would be stupid enough to cause trouble. However sometimes fools show up unwanted. On the far north side of town a marine turned pirate in a green and black suit can be seen with a gray cape on his back. He somewhat staggers his way into the middle of the town. Most stop what they are doing and watch. The man however only smirks as the bottle in his right hand is shown as he takes a drink.

"Well look what hell dragged in, Nothing scumbags like you need." The man states.

An Elder also known as chief Dan of the town makes his way over from his spot.

"What business do you have here." Dan questions looking at the man.

"What business you ask. Well dumb*ss every since that day I been waiting. "The man says taking another drink.

Dan wasn't sure what was going on however he hoped the young man wasn't going to start anything.

"Why don't you take a rest it might help you." Dan offers trying to be nice.

The man laughs and spit towards Dan. The spit lands in front of Dan.

"Listen here you little shits your all gonna pay." The man growls out while throwing the empty bottle on the ground.

Most of the islanders stop what they was doing. Seeing that Chief Dan was trying to get the man to calm down. Meanwhile just on the skurts of the island Lora and Star was making their way closer to land.

"You know I heard that a few islands on the grand line and in the blues a pirate named Whitebeard claimed them as his." Star stated somewhat in awe.

"Really but why I mean how you hear that." Lora asked confused.

"Well on the last island I was watching a few people and a few was saying that. It's islands that need the extra help. You know like Fishmen island." Star said as the pair started to fly over the island.

"Well I guess in a way that makes sense. But still why would someone go that far," Lora wonder.

"I'm not sure but Mama always said that sometimes humans did stuff due to having a big heart." Star said looking at Lora.

Lora only shrugged not really getting why someone would go as far as claim an island as their own. Shaking her head the pair kept flying not having a clue about what was about to happen.

Trouble in Blackstone? Needing a Miracle? A unknown hero appears?Edit

Back in Blackstone, The man had gotten a hold of a small child. The ball a young girl was chasing was forgotten. A women that somewhat looks like the girl has her hand over her mouth.

"Please let my baby go. I beg you." The women says trying not to cry.

"You think begging will save you stupid brat. It's your fault if she dies. Just like it was your fault those bastards beat us. "The man growls while shaking the small girl.

"What is it you want from us? Is it gold food." Dan asked hoping the offers helped.

The man then laughs and the little girl cries more. A few of the girls friends try to help however the man points a gun at the three small fools.

"Anyone makes another step and the brat gets it. "The man smirks.

Most of the crowd start to cry as it seemed no miracle will save the children. However as though hope was lost a faint sound of wings could be heard. Most of the crowd started to look around to try and spot the faint sound. Just as the small children hugged each other scared two figures flew out of the trees. One was a blue fox wolf with white angel wings. While a girl having on black shorts and a blue short while having butterfly like wings on her back acting like a shield for the bag that is also resting on her back, Flew close by.

"Oi what the hell? Lora you seeing this." The fox wolf barked.

"No Star I don't see a man pointing a gun at three kids while holding a girl that's crying. I'm just that blind." Lora stated rolling her eyes.

"What's this help from some monsters? You think you can win lets see what your savers got." The man said throwing the small girl in front of the other three children.

"Sally!" The women said.

"Oh ho now this is a great sight. Maybe now justice will be served not one of those damn fools are here to protect you." The man said cocking his gun.

Lora felt a shiver run down her spine. Seeing the scared children at gun point brought something out from deep within her and she flew and landed in front of the small children.

"What you think you will stop me from killing those little sh*ts." The man stated smirking.

"T-these kids they done nothing wrong. What gives you the right to take them away from their family’s." Lora asked glaring at the man.

"Lora?" Star said landing close to the islanders.

"What right? You want to know the right. These damn villagers are the whole reason I quit being a marine, All because they was to coward to fight back against that stupid pirate. Now move or I'll kill you first." The man said pointing the gun at Lora.

Lora smirked though her eyes are cold.

"You think that I'm scared of you? Your nothing seeing that you have no one behind you. Why don't you get off your high horse before I bring you down off it." Lora said growling.

"Screw this." The man says and fires a round at Lora.

Lora knew she could dodge the bullets with ease. However if she did the children behind her would get hit. Breathing Lora moved enough so the bullets would hit but not be deadly. Biting her lip the bullets hit her upper right arm left leg and left shoulder. The children behind her started to cry more scared out of their minds. In high sight she didn't blame them as she ran towards the man ignoring the pain.

"What are you some kind of monster?" The man said shocked.

"Storm D. Lora , Also known as Storm demon." Lora said grinning.

Growling the man puts his gun up knowing it would be easy just to use a sword.

"Fine Demon brat I heard of you. Seems that couldn't keep a brat like you under control. Lets see what you can do against me Bloody Jones." Jones said unsheltering his sword.

The crowd backed away as the children seemed to get out of the way. Jones seems to not caring that his prey got away as his sights on the girl in front of him. Lore swallowed while drawing her own sword out.

"Oh so you do know what's going on. Well Demon brat lets see how well you do before you die. "Jones said charging at Lora. Lora growled lowly as she brought her sword up to met Jones.

The clashing of metal making the sound of something good and bad trying to gain the upper hand. The villagers moved back more as the battle was happening right in the middle of town. Dan was hoping to be able to call the Whitebeard pirates. Hoping maybe more help could come if needed. Soon Lora and Jones broke off having Lora land in front of the mother and children while Jones landed five feet from Dan.

"Well who ever taught you they must be proud. That or a total fool to think a demon wold keep secrets to herself." Jones said taking a step forward.

Lora panted before looking up and seeing that the attacks she tried to hit him with did nothing. Growling due to the small pain in her shoulder and due to some many people around she made her mind up.

"I think it's time we moved." Lora  putting her sword up and charging at Jones.

Moving the fight to the forest. The real battle starts!Edit

"Fool only death waits for you." Jones states getting ready to cut her.

Lora ignored him as she charged but before Jones could make the killing move Lora kicked him hard sending him flying into the forest that was five miles away. Not even saying anything Lora jumped in the air and flew after him.

"Try and see if you can contact Whitebeard." Den said to a younger villager.

The villager nodded and went inside. Meanwhile in the forest Jones picked himself up out of the tree as Lora landed in front of him.

"You little b*tch. You think you can do what you like." Jones questioned picking his sword up off the ground.

"When it comes to teaching pricks their place. Yes!" Lora said drawing her sword out again.

"Well little demon no one here to save you." Jones said smirking.

"Your right no one is here it's just you and me. So quit your blabbing." Lora said charging at Jones.

Jones barely had time to dodge as once again metal on metal could be heard. Though this time it could be heard from the forest. Back in the town Dan was having a doctor check on Sally and the other children that tired to help her. Other then having small cuts and a few bruises later Sally was fine.

"That was a foolish move you three pulled. However it shows you care allot." Dan said looking at the two boys and girl who was standing in front of him.

"S-sorry Grandpa Dan we d-did't want Sally getting hurt." One boy said and the others nodded.

Dan sighed before holding his arms out. The four children knew what he wanted and went to hug him.

"Just don't scare an old man like me again. I thought it was over." Dan said trying to keep from crying.

The four children promised not to go doing a stunt like that again and was taken home by their parents. Dan then sighs while hoping the wing girl does not get hurt, While also hoping the villager contacts Whitebeard. Meanwhile back in the forest Lora and Jones are still fighting. Both have been wounded while Lora is trying to get the upper hand she still is having trouble. Jones smirks as he sees her open and slashes upward cutting her while knocking the sword out of her hands. He then slashes crossward cutting her again.

"Well well well, Looks like demon brat can't even handle one marine pirate." Jones says mocking her.

Lora growls as she tries to push pass the pain and grab her sword. Trying to get to her feet but Jones kicks her back to the hard ground. Smirking Jones decides to toy with her a bit by stabbing through Lora's left hand. Laughing as Lora cries out he then removes the sword and smirks.

"A Weakling like yourself think you could try getting in my way. I just have to end you hear I guess. Or maybe I should keep you alive. You would make a good prize to those stupid marines." Jones says stepping on her back.

Angry, pain and fear go through Lora's body as her inner demon tries to push it's way out. Not wanting to be taken back she lets a bit of the demons powers come out changing her butterfly wings dark purple. Pushing him off she stands and glares at him as some of her smaller wounds start to heal.

"So this is the power of a SuperNova. My I must say it's a honnor." Jones says mocking her.

Lora looks at Jones and her eyes are orb purple with a shade of silver,

"You think this is just a game. Come then Marine I will put you in your place." Lora says gripping her sword.

Jones smiles an evil grin and dashes at Lora thinking he's won. However as he brings his sword at her, Lora defects it as though it was nothing. Shock Jones tries again but the same thing happens. He then jumps back.

"What is this. Just moments ago I had the upper hand. Is this the power of a human weapon. But if so then why is she not a mindless zombie. No she's not a weapon but a demon in human skin." Jones thinks to himself.

"You think this is a game but it's not. Surviving is no game. Now learn your place." Lora says knocking his sword out of his hands. She then spin kicks him hard into a tree.

Jones falls out of the tree and coughs up blood. Lora taking on last look at him puts her sword up and starts to head back. Jones growls before picking his sword up and watches her leave.

"You may have won this time demon brat. But next time I will kill you." Jones says before walking back to his ship and sailing away.

A battle won! Making of a new enemy?Edit

Lora makes her back to the town and just as she does she falls to the ground out cold. Dan sees her and orders a doctor to care for her as Star lands next to her worried.

"Lora Lora say something." Star Barks.

"Listen little wolf you gotta stay clear I'll take care of her." The doctor states as two men carried Lora to a small building.

"Lora." Star whined.

Meanwhile the villager who was order to contact Whitebeard pirates finally sighed in relief as someone picked up.

"Hello is this the Whitebeard Pirates?" The villager asked.

"Yes this is the Whitebeard pirates. Marco speaking who is calling?" Marco asked.

"Thank goodness, My name is Tom Chief Dan told me to call." Tom said sighing in relief.

"Oh? Is there something wrong." Marco asked wondering.

"Well I think he wanted me to see if you guys was close cause we are having some trouble. A man is causing trouble." Tom said worried.

"Sorry what island is this again?" Marco asked trying to remember if Dan is from the island that's close or a different island.

"New Dawn Island Mister Marco. "Tom said praying for help.

"Well Tom we're about a day or two away, There is a storm that's been causing us to be slow. Do what you can but keep from causing the man to get angry." Marco said hoping to calm his fears.

"Alright thank you Mister Marco I'll be sure let Chief Dan know." Tom said glad to have gotten a hold of them.

"Your welcome stay safe." Marco said.

After that both hung up. However another male walked over to Marco.

"Who was that Marco. The same as the last few times?" The male asked wearing a blue shirt and gray pants with a sword on his right hip.

"Oh Thatch it seems like New Dawn island is having troubles. Good thing we're already heading there." Marco said grinning.

"Guess that's good I guess. Best go make sure everything is going good. "Thatch said before walking away.

"Best go let pops know." Marco said before heading to the deck.

Meanwhile near the water of New Dawn Island. Jones is looking back at New Dawn island.

"Just you wait Storm D. Lora. I will kill you for crossing me." Jones said as a male was patching him up.

"You know if we turned the girl in, Those morons might give you a spot in the war lords." A male in all black with a gold tip sword resting on his hip said.

"Your right Black, However I want to teach that little B*tch a lesson before turning her in." Jones said with a smirk.

"Understood." Black stated.

Their ship kept sailing as the underlines shivered in fear. Back on New Dawn island the doctor had just giving Lora an injecting due to her moving around. Not wanting anything to go wrong he stands over and waits. After a few minutes Lora's body stops moving as she goes into a deeper sleep. The doctor then gets back to work sighing and wondering how the girl was able to move even in her sleep. After a few hours of getting the bullets out of her left shoulder right arm and left leg. While also stitching a few deep wounds. The doctor finishes up making sure nothing went wrong. He then wraps bandages around Lora's upper body with the help of his aid. After doing that he finishes wrapping a banage around her left hand. He then steps back and wipes the sweat off his forehead.

"There that is the last of it. Thanks for your help guys." The doctor says looking at the two men that helped him.

The two men nod before taking their leave. The doctor then writes a few things down on a piece of paper before letting the girl's fox wolf in the room. It had been scratching at the door the past 15 minutes and the Doctor was sure the little fox wolf was going to keep at it until it was let. As he watched the fox wolf get onto the bed the girl was on it whined a few times before laying down.

Making new friends?

 Two days passed as everyone is still a bit shaken by the attack. However knowing that Whitebeard was going to come soon eased some of the fears. As Whitebeard Marco and a few others was making their way towards Blackstone, The islanders was trying to stay out of the girl and helpers way. As the Whitebead pirates came to the entrances of Blackstone. They was shocked as a girl with bandages wrapped around the top half of her body was being chased by islanders and the doctor. The girl passes them then the two men that was helping the doctor then the doctor himself rushed pass. The weirdest part was that a blue fox wolf was chasing after the doctor barking.

Pops should we help or stop them? Marco asked.

I was thinking we should, In case the girl is the reason for the panic. Whitebeard said.

The fox wolf barked again as the girl was still running.

I DON'T CARE GET AWAY FROM ME The girl screams pushing trash cans behind her.

The men trip over the trash cans as the doctor dodges them. The wolf fox whines as it jumps over the men and trash cans.

Come on guys we need to stop this before more damage is done. Marco said going in to help.

The other members of the Whitebeard pirates follow after Marco as Whitebeard watched hoping he wasn't needed. They then made it so that they cut the girl off. Whitebeard then noticed who the girl was. Marco also noticed and nodded to Whitebeard letting him know he also noticed. The forx wolf whined again as it stopped.

Lora stop please they helped you don't run. Star said whining.

So doesn't matter I don't need help I don't help I want them to leave me the hell alone. Lora said as she noticed she was trapped.

Miss please stop what you are doing and come talk with us. Marco said hoping to ease the girl's angry.

STOP WHAT IM DOING ARE YOU CRAZY THAT D*MN QUACK WANTS TO TRY SOMETHING. Lora screamed pointing at the doctor behind her.

Star sighed and jumped over the doctor and lands on Lora making her fall to the ground.

Finally man chasing you is hard even though I can fly. Star said/barked.

Ugh Star get off what are you doing trying to let them catch us? Lora half growled half whimpered.

No just trying to stop an idiot before she hurts herself worse. Star said jumping off.

Oi One he started it two I wasn't even doing anything and three who are you calling an idiot. Lora said gripping her head.

Just then Whitebeard and chief Dan make their way over. The doctor whisper to Dan about what happened and Dan sighs.

Dan what seems to be going on? Whitebeard asked looking at the aged man.

Well Sir we had troubles however this young girl not only saved four of the children but also dealt with the threat. However it seems she's not to good with healers. Dan said rubbing his face.

Let go of me stupid morons let go. Lora said trying to fight her way from Marco and another crew members grip.

Brat's got spunk, Say kid got a name? Whitebeard asked knowing what it is already.

No and even if I did I'm not telling you old man, Now tell your goons to let me go. Lora said still trying to get away.

Wow she's got spirit but still shocking she's talking to Mister Whitebeard like that. One of the villagers says.

Who's Whitebeard? Lora said not knowing the man in front of her was thee Whitebeard.

Brat I'm Whitebeard, Never heard of me have ya Storm D. Lora? Whitebear said looking at Lora.

Wait how the hell do you know my name? Lora said as she stopped trying to get away.

Whitebeard then brought out a paper. Once the paper was undone. It shows that Lora was wanted for 70,000,000 beils. The villagers gasped at the amount as Lora stared blinking at it. She then got both her arms out of their grip and brought out the paper that had the reasons for such a high bounty on her head. As Lora started to read it she couldn't help it she cracked up laughing.

Star Star get a load of this. Those dumb-a$$es are really lame. They have in the paper I destroyed two bases while also attacking three villages, Killing people in all three. Lora says while laughing.

Damn she lost it. Star said shaking her head.

Lora calmed down then sighed as her body gave way making her fall to her knees. The paper still in her hand as she started to shake.

Those bastards t-they have no right, What do they know. Lora said.

The other Whitebeard pirates was about to help Lora up only to be stopped by Whitebeard raising his hand.

Are you stating that you did not do those things child? Whitebeard asked looking at Lora.

No I didn't do that, Yea I did destroy one base but that's I had a reason I don't have to explain myself to you old man. Lora said looking up.

Well then become my daughter. Whitebeard said holding his hand out for Lora.

Lora blinked then blinked again then gave a what the hell look. Finally after understanding what was going on she fell back.

What no way your crazy I don't need anyone. I don't need family and I don't need you. Just get away. Lora said trying to escape, However she didn't get far as her body was wore out and she passed out. Marco sighed and looked over at Whitebeard.

She's got spunk pops, Though wonder what happened to make her this way? Marco asked to no one.

Only she knows but it doesn't look like she is going to share it. I think it's time she was put back in bed though. Whitebeard said as the two that was chasing Lora earlier came and picked her up.

I need to make sure she didn't reopen any wounds. The doctor said following the two men carrying Lora back to his place.

We need to talk, Whitebeard said to Dan.

Dan nodded and Whitebeard and Marco went to his house. The others that came with Whitebeard and Marco helped the villagers out. A few hours later Whitebeard and his men got everything they needed to know about Lora. Though it was not much they had at least figured out that she was not what the marines made her out to be. Now Whitebeard sits close to the bed Lora is in and watches as the fox wolf named Star was sitting close by with worry. A groan comes from Lora before she opens her eyes. Star hearing that shot her head up and looked at Lora.

Ugh not again. Lora said sitting up.

Gurararara!! For a brat who's got spirit you sure are something. Whitebeard said.

Lora looked over at Whitebeard before raising an eye brow.

What now came to see how much I'm worth? See if I'm worth the trouble. Lora asked.

Whitebeard sighed before placing a hand on her arm. Lora's flinch did not go unnoticed.

Your a child who has been through lots in her short life. Become my daughter and let me prove that the world is not all dark. Whitebeard said in a father like way.

I I don't want t be chained down. Lora said looking away.

Is that what your scared of, Is being giving to the World Government. Gurararara!! Girl they would wet themselves if I came near them. Whitebeard stated while laughing.

I it's not that, I like being able to do what I want when I want, I hate having to follow orders, I just I can't I don't know. Lora said looking down.

Why don't you rest a bit more and not worry about it. My offer will still be open later. Whitebeard said standing up.

Do I have to stay here. I'm really fine. Lora said hoping she could make a break for it.

Though you may think your fine, The doctor's report says other wise. You done a good deed let yourself relax for now. Whitebeard said handing Lora a cup of tea.

Lora eyed the tea, She was use to being drugged with anything from anyone made her on guard. However not even smelling the sleep herbs that was in there, Lora drank it then made a face as the tea was warm and without sugar. Placing the empty cup on the stand Lora yawned.

Just rest for now no one will harm you. Whitebeard said taking his leave.

Lora sighed and yawned again as Star looked at Lora.

That was Whitebeard the strongest man of the world. Star said.

Yea I kinda figured that Star. But what he asked. I don't think I can do it. No matter how much I want it. I just can't. Lora said while the sleep herbs started to take affect.

Star sighed as Lora fell asleep. Star hoped that Lora might open up more. Over the few days Lora was bed resting on Doctor's and Whitebeards orders. Though she hated it she got to learn more about who the Whitebeard Pirates was and how they was a family. Getting visited by Whitebeard, Marco, Thatch, Ace and a few others made the bed resting a little more easier. However it might also been because she wasn't being injected with who knew what. Finally after a week the doctor was happy with Lora being fully healed beside her left hand. It seemed that whatever Jones used in the tip of his sword, was making her hand heal slower then her other wounds. The doctor gave Lora one last check up before being happy.

Well Miss Lora, I must say I am shocked by how fast you are able to heal. However I do want you to be careful. The doctor said looking at Lora.

Fine though I'm not sure what the deal is. I did say I was fine 500 times already. Lora said getting dress without a care.

Still even when one says they are fine their body may not be. The Doctor said talking his leave.

Lora sighs and finishes getting dress while rethinking the past week over. It was the weirdest she's ever dealt with but also nice in a way. Shaking her head Lora puts her bag on then her sword as Star flies in through the window.

Lora you done oh yea, Come on there's a party outside lets go have fun. Star said jumping on the bed.

Star you know we can't stay, Even if the party sounds fun we have to go before someone finds us. Lora said putting her hair up.

Lora Mister Whitebeard said that he'd make sure nothing happens. Please Lora. Star whined.

I fine but if anything goes wrong we're leaving. Lora said not even wanting to go to the party.

Fine but for now lets go have fun. Star said jumping off the bed.

Lora sighs again as she walks though the man's house as Lora and Star exit the house they can see that a party had been planned. However Lora had no idea it was for her due to her saving the small children. As Lora and Star start to make their way away from the man's house the four children see Lora and Star and run over to the pair.

Miss thank you so much for helping Sally. One of the boys said.

If it wasn't for you Sally would've been a goner. A girl said.

Your a hero miss. Another boy said.

T-thank you Miss. Sally said bowing.

Lora had no idea what was going on or why the kids was thanking her. Trying to keep her cool she just shrugged.

Listen I didn't do anything big, Any normal person would've done the same. Lora said feeling a blush coming on.

But! The four children said as Chief Dan walked over.

Kids why don't you four go play while Miss Lora enjoys herself. Dan said.

Ok Grandpa Dan. The four children said before running off.

Lora blinked a few times before sighing confused as hell.

Sorry they just wanted to thank their hero. They have been telling everyone about you. Dan said looking at Lora.

Lora jumped backed and looked at Dan like he grown a second head.

W-why the hell would they do that? I didn't even do anything. Lora said.

Well in a way you did but now's not the time to be worried about that. You just have fun kay. Dan said walking away.

Lora stared blankly at Dan as he left.

Come on Lora lets go have fun. Star said taking off.

Lora sighed and gave in as she followed after Star. At first Lora wasn't to keel on joining the party but soon for some odd reason Lora was having an eating contest against Ace. Right as Ace looked to win he fell asleep while Lora finished both their plates of food. Getting glared at by Ace Lora shrugged.

Eat when you can steal when the other person isn't looking. Rules of life not hard to follow. Lora said tilting hear head.

Ace mumbled something about Lora being like his brother, However Lora shrugged it off as the party kept going. Soon it seemed like night fell and all either passed out from over drinking or from tiredness. Early the next morning Star and Lora woke up. Lora after finding her bag started to head to the beach. Whitebeard who was also awake sensed that Lora was trying to leave without a saying anything. Sighing and smirking to himself he followed Lora to the beach. As he did however he listened in as Lora somehow talked to her wolf friend Star.

Lora why are we leaving without anyone knowing? Star asked walking beside Lora.

Because they already think I'm something I'm not. Don't want them to think anything else. Besides demons do not become heros everyone knows that. Lora said sighing.

But you did save those kids, That was awesome how you just flew in there without a care. Star said grinning.

It wasn't anything besides if I mean well couldn't let them be killed for no reason. Just stop talking about it it's over and done with. Lora said shaking her head.

Still it was awesome how you took that creep out, Star stated.

I think you spent a little to much time with those brats, Seeing as your thinking I'm some kind of hero. Listen Star what I did was nothing forget about it and lets just go before I bang my head on a tree. Lora said sighing.

O-ok sorry Lora, Star said looking down.

They then walked in silence though neither knew they had a shadow following them. After another 30 minutes they made it to the beach. Lora looking around sees nothing besides the Whitebeard ship.

Lora you know if you want we could join them. Star said looking at Lora.

I I don't want to though, I don't want to be chained down to be at someone else mercy, I just can't do that again. Lora said looking down.

But pirates don't do that, they are chasing their dreams or something like that. Star said unsure.

I lets just go I I just lets go. Lora said bring out her butterfly like wings.

Star whined a bit but also brought out her angel wings. Whitebeard decide to step out and a twig snapped under his foot drawing both Lora's and Star's attention.

W-what do you want old man? Lora said eyeing Whitebeard.

Whitebeard kept walking until he was a few feet away.

Leaving without a goodbye Brat? Whitebeard asked.

I didn't think I needed to, Not like I'm returning or anything. Lora said looking away.

Whitebeard sighed as he looked at Lora, Seeing her act somewhat like Ace before he took the mark worried him. Feeling the need to do something Whitebeard places a hand on Lora's shoulders ignoring the flinch.

Is running away the answer to everything, Or are you scared that you'll get hurt again? Whitebeard asked looking at Lora.

I I'm not running I'm just leaving to go see what's next. I don't run. Lora said glaring at Whitebeard.

Whitebead laughed while also removing his hand from Lora's shoulder. Lora not liking being laughed at lowly growls. Whitebeard then calms down and smirks.

I take it the answer is still no to becoming my daughter? Whitebeard asked looking back at Lora.

I I it's I don't want to, Maybe if yea I just can't alright. Lora said not sure why she needs to explain herself to him.

Whitebeard sighed before taking two things out of his pocket. A small den den mush and a piece of blank paper. He then placed both in Lora's hands.

Those two things will be a way to get ahold of me. The paper is so you can find me and the den den mushi is so if you ever just need to talk you can call me or talk to someone else. However the offer will still be in affect if you ever change your mind. Whitebeard said patting Lora's head.

Lora just blinked as she looked at the two things in her hands. She knew that calling up to chat wasn't what he really meant. He meant that “If you ever need any help call” Lora bite her lip as Whitebeard started to walk back to the town.

I I maybe someday I we can umm yea. Lora said looking down not wanting to be seen as weak.

Whitebeard looked back and nodded.

You take care of yourself brat. The world is not always dark. Nor is it always a hateful place. Whitebeard said before walking away.

Lora bit her lip tears falling from her eyes.Finally notcing Ace was watching she turns to him.

Ace why why do you guys call him pops? Lora asked wiping her eyes.

Because as I learned from Marco he calls us his sons and in your case daughter. The world may see us as freaks demons and outcast. But to him he sees us as family. Hope that shades some light Lora, Maybe we'll see each other again. Ace said heading back to the town as well.

Lora put the piece of paper and small Den den mushi in her bag as she finished wiping the tears from her eyes.

You ok Lora? Star asked walking over.

Yea I I think I am. Lora said giving a small smile.

Star nodded before jumping in the air. Lora laughed as she to jumped in the air. The pair then started to fly away as two figures watched them go.

That was nice of you Ace. The first figure said.

Well she reminds me of me before all that and well more. I just figured that since you liked her I'd help out a bit Pops.

Whitebeard laughed while putting a arm on Ace's shoulder. They then walked back wondering when the next time they would see Lora and Star again.

The End!

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