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Name: スパルタカス (Suparutakasu)
Age: 20 (Pre-Time skip) 22 (Post-Time skip)
Birthdate: October 9th
Height: 256cm
Weight: 143kg
Island of Origin: Sparta
Occupation: Marine
Epithet: "The Gladiator"
Crew: G-12 Unit 3, G-1 Unit 1 (Former)
Position: Captain, First Mate
Current Bounty:


Dream: ???
Page created by: Alphadhbeta

Abilities and PowersEdit

Spartacus posesses incredible and inhuman power, being able to fight on par with Zora. He was also able to defeat a pirate with a bounty of Bsymbol67,000,000.

Blades WieldingEdit

Spartacus is a powerful swordsman, having taken down a pirate with Bsymbol67,000,000 on his head. His skills in swords wielding has earned him the rank Marine Captain and epithet "Gladiator."


In combat, he uses his Reiu, an O Wazamono katana presented to him by Vice Admiral Momonga for becoming the leader of G-1 Unit 1. Though Spartacus has yet to reveal his precise skills, it is known that he is proficient in using Reiu.



  • Regular Skills


Reiu (冷雨 Reiu): Spartacus' signature attack. He slashes the air above him, creating a shower of aerial blades that crash onto the opponent.

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