• (first) Somnus berry before it's ripe (second) Somnus berry after it's ripe (third) What the Somnus tree bark color is.
The Somnus Berry A fruit the World Government is unable to figure out, No matter what they try they won't understand how the berry works. ~Unknown~

Somnus (sleep) Berry is a berry that looks like a apple pear shaped berry that grows on odd shaped trees. These trees cam be found on most Spring/Summer islands in the blues and depending on the island in the Grandline. Most would think at first the Somnus berry is a Devil Fruit, However it is sadly mistaken. It is a light pink color before it is rip then gains a blueish green color when it's ready to be picked. Mostly the Somnus berry is used to help those that have trouble sleeping (those that have night terrors or insomnia). Most often people tend to dry the berry out, That way it will last longer while having the same affects. Somnus berry juice works different then the berry. due to the person not injecting the whole thing the juice will either put the person to sleep for 2-4 hours or make them feel like they just woke up if they have been sleeping good.

Though the Somnus berry is bitter when it is not rip it still affected to knock the eater out for a few hours. When the Somnus berry is rip the fruit is as sweet as honey another great way to keep the person eating the berry.

The bark of a somnus tree is great for making sleep gas. Most tend to put small pieces of bark in tin cans so when they throw then tin can it would explode sending the gas to the intend targets. However unlike Somnus berry and juice, The bark will affect any who has their faces uncover and will knock a person out for roughly 12 hours.

Doctors and nurses love the Somnus berry as most patients has never heard and or seen a somnus berry making it a better treatment then sedating. Also due to it being grown it's also allot healthier then some drugs.

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