Soku Soku no Mi
Japanese Name: Soku Soku no Mi
Romanized Name: Soku Soku no Mi (UH)
English Name: Speed-Speed Fruit
Meaning: "Soku" is Japanese for "Speed"
Usage Debut: A Fish in a Barrel
Type: Paramecia
User: Jonathan D. Swift

The Soku Soku no Mi is a Paramecia-Type Devil Fruit that allows the user to move at incredible speeds. "Soku" means "Speed by gears" in Japanese. In all dubs, it is referred to as Speed-Speed Fruit. It was originally found by the protagonist Lagan D. Swift.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

The major strength of this fruit is that it grants the user the ability to move at incredible speeds and somewhat immune to blunt attacks. He is also able to withstand falls that would normally kill a man as long as the user falls on his feet. The user is also granted the ability to see objects moving at great speeds, even those moving at speeds greater than the user.

It also seems the user can overcome the weakness of water by simply running across it and are even able to slide across the water if they can gain speed up again to continue. It also seems that this fruit gives the user an immense appetite, so it does require enormous amounts of energy to run at the speed the user needs to.

The user also seemed to be able to create afterimages by running at great speeds, confusing the enemies. The user also is given the ability to move themselves at immense speeds to create a "phase" state where they cannot be hit by any object, as the object will move through them. Though as stated by Swift, using this ability makes him incredibly hungry so it is assumed it takes a lot of energy. It is very likely that it also suffers the water and salt weaknesses as well.


The powers of the fruit have been used by Swift in a magnitude of ways, from simple attacks to more complex, to everyday uses. Using his ability to run across water, to using strong punches and blows, to simply paint a picture in a matter of minutes. Swift has also developed a multitude of moves as time has passed and he learned more about his fruit, most famous being his ranged attacks he calls "The Cyclone Punch Series" which allows him to form cyclones by spinning his arms at great speeds in a circle.

However, Swift being who he is, doesn't just use his abilities in fighting. He is seen using his abilities to annoy normal citizens by stealing food, confusing others, and even playing with children. Swift also uses his abilities for quick transport, running across water or across land at great speeds.


The basic idea for Swift's fruit was to be multipurpose while also being devastating at the same time.

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