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Shanxus's aura.
Name Shanxus
Kanji サンックスス
Rōmaji Sankkususu
Epithet None
Race Human (Unconfirmed)
Birthdate Unknown
Age Presumed in his 20s

Male Male

Height 6'0"
Weight 134 lbs.
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Purplish-white
Blood Type AB
Unusual Features Blood red eyes with pale skin
Professional Status
Affiliation None
Previous Affiliation The No-Beard Pirate Army
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation Pirate
Base of Operations Unknown
Personal Status
Status Active
Marital Status Single
Alignment Evil
Bounty ?
Haki Haoshoku
Rokushiki Soru
Devil Fruit Shi Shi no Mi

Shanxus (サンックスス, Sankkususu) is a major antagonist in One Blue. Formerly a high-ranked leader of the No-Beard Pirate Army (at almost the same level of power as Sharp Francis himself), Shanxus defected during an unknown period and his current goals and methods are a mystery. He is the eater of the Shi Shi no Mi, a Devil Fruit that allows him to generate "death fields", areas of space where all matter ceases to exist. This fruit can only be resisted with those with haki, who only find themselves either wounded or very sick. It has been amplied that Shanxus is now a member of the Human Awakening Project, though this has not be confirmed.

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