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Settou Settou no Mi
Japanese Name: Settou Settou no Mi
Romanized Name: Settou Settou no Mi (Rexy Universe)
English Name: Steal Steal Fruit
Meaning: Steal
Usage Debut: Unknown
Type: Paramecia
User: Poe Night


The Settou Settou no Mi is a paramecia type devil fruit that grants the eater the ability to steal anything, whether it's physical or not.


The Settou Settou no Mi looks like a black starfruit with white swirls.


The eater of the Settou Settou no Mi gains the ability to steal anything. This is not limited to physical objects only. Poe has shown to be able to steal personality traits, strengths and even devil fruit abilities.


One of the most formidable strengths of the Settou Settou no Mi is being able to steal non-physical things, like devil fruit abilities. If something like this is stolen, whoever or whatever it's stolen from will not be able to use it until they recover it, or a certain amount of time has passed. The thief is able to use the stolen items themselves or give them to someone else.


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. Anything non-physical will eventually return to the original owner, meaning the loss of strength for example, won't be permantent. Weaknesses are unable to be stolen, meaning the user can't power up allies.


  • Copycat - Poe reaches into his opponent and steals one of their strengths (be it a personality trait, actual strength or abilities).


  • If a non-physical thing is stolen and left in the open, they appear as glowing spheres with theif masks on them.


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