I've never quite trusted Zoan fruit. And that one seems particularly treacherous. Be careful - (Maugin Lammont, to Jane Wren).

Devil Fruit Name

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Japanese Name:

(japanese kanji)

English Name:

Mythical Zoan

Eaten By:

Story / Creator: 13th madman

Universe: 13th Dimension


the Seirei Seirei no Mi Model: Faerie is a mythical zoan Devil fruit eaten by Jane Wren. It allows the user to become a Faerie, or one of the Fair folk.


using this fruit Jane can shift between fully human and fully Faerie, as well as assuming a hybrid form possessing the traits of both races. as a result of this transformation Jane exhibits several mystical abilities.

when transformed, she exhibits the ability to levitate and float. She also becomes much more agile, to the extent that in her full form she can move fast enough to appear to teleport. Notably, in her full form, this also appears to negate all forces acting on her and anything she is touching, completely bypassing their weight, and also allowing her to ignore momentum and inertia. While this gives her incredible maneouverability in the air, it can also make her movement appear somewhat uncanny.

Another power Jane as shown is glamour, or illusions. Jane can make any object or person take on the appearance of something else, often to great disorientation and confusion.



The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. Also, they are apparently vulnerable to pure iron while transformed. While it does not cause them injuries prelonged contact with iron is apparently painful, and feels like burning. As a result Jane must take care to avoid pure iron. While this pain does not occur while she is in her human form, she nevertheless exhibits a fear of iron, and goes to great lengths to avoid it



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