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When creating you characters here on Sea of Fools you may find the layout pages useful.

For best results when copying these layouts, click on the view source button at the top of the page. Then copy the source code from the page that appears. Once you have created your new page, click on the source tab and paste what you have copied there. This will copy everything over to your page and leave you free to edit away.


When using images please do not use an image that has already been used by someone else. We will allow different images of the same character, as we know sometimes you just want that cool looking character. Remember with regard to images we have a first come first serve rule, so if someone else already has the picture you want they havve priority (unless the other user is kidn enough to let you have it).

Parent TabsEdit

Parent tabs are the five tabs that you see across the top of some pages on the wikia.

Parent Tabs

These are Parent Tabs

These parent tabs are quite easy to make and the source code that'll allow you to do so can be found below: Parent Tabs Source Code

List of LayoutsEdit

Character Layout: Use when creating your characters!

Devil Fruit layout: The same, for Devil Fruit!

Island Layout: And this is the one for islands.

Pirate Crew Layout: For crews, can also be adapted for other organizations quite easily.

Ship Layout: No prizes for guessing what this one's for....

Universe layout : You have your own timeline here, and it goes without saying that if you're making an entire world, a page based around one island isn't going to cut it. This is what you want to use then.

Race Layout: Because of a request for one to make creating articles based on races and tribes easier, we have now also created a race layout! As stated, feel free to rely on this for when you want to make something like the fishmen or Kuja, like, a tribe of swamp dwelling humans or a race of automatons or something.

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