Saimin Saimin no Mi

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Japanese Name: (japanese kanji)
English Name:Hypno Hypno no Mi
Meaning: Hypnotism


Power: To generate hypnotic swirls on the user's body for hypnosis

Eaten By: Ako


Story / Creator:


The Saimin Saimin no Mi is a  Paramecia Devil Fruit that creates swirls on any part of the eaters body allowing them to hypnotism a person if they are simple minded.


What did the Devil Fruit look like before it was eaten?


The primary usage for the Hypno Hypno Fruit is to generate the hypnosis swirls on the user's body, thus enabling the user to perform hypnosis upon anyone who looks at his/her hypnosis swirls.


What are the greatest benefits that this Devil Fruit gives to the user? What advantages does the user get from eating this particular Devil Fruit, that makes him/her special when compared to an ordinary person?


The user suffers from standard Devil Fruit weaknesses. Aside from that, as long as noone pays attention to, or looks at the hypnosis swirls on the user's body, then the person will remain unaffected by the Hypno Hypno Fruit. Perhaps one of the greatest weaknesses to this Devil Fruit however, is the fact that unlike most Devil Fruit, which have at least one offensive capability in its arsenal, the Hypno Hypno Fruit has none. Thus forcing the user to rely on weapons and his/her own physical attributes for battle.


List your Devil Fruit's amazing, spectacular attacks here!


This Devil Fruit is belongs to Wyvern 0m3g4, He has giving me permission to make it here. also i did copy some things though he also has said it was ok to add my own.

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