Roronoa Alex

  • Alex age 10 when her Sensei died
  • Alex age 15 enjoying the calm weather
  • Alex about to fight using one sword

Age: 25

Species: Human
Blood type: ?
Birthdate: 7/5
Height: 5/5
Weight: 130 lbs
Island of Origin: Unknown island east blue

Epithet: Shadow Demon

Crew: ?
Position: ?
Family: Roronoa Zoro (Cousin)
Current Bounty: [1]

Bounty History

1st Bounty: [2]


Dream:  To find answers


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"One has to be one with their sword, If they are not they will never cut anything" Words Alex's Sensei said to her while teaching her swordsmenship


Roronoa Alex is a cold women towards people, However that is an act to see how people act towards her. Many run in fear and that makes her sad. However those who don't run from her tend to get a very warm smile and that tends to bring out the best of people. Though Alex doesn't see herself as a bounty hunter in a way she is, Though after she is defeated by Lora D. Storm. Alex comes to see the world in a new light. After that Alex only fought pirates that was messing with innocent people. She believes they have no brain cells.Alex doesn't seem to like marines however the reason is unknown and for the Revolutionary, She doesn't mind them as long as they don't start anything with her. (Though she has been requested to join she has yet to give them an answer.)


Despite being a Roronoa, Alex does not have the famous green hair making many believe she is lying. However she proves then wrong in a hurry. Alex wears blue silver or light purple shirts and green black or brown pants/shorts. She has a earring in each ear like Zoro however they are a bit smaller. Her hair is shoulder length dark brown and her eyes are a dark hazelnut. Alex uses Two swords unlike Zoro's three sword style. One sword she got after her do-jo sensei died. She begged the Sensei's daughter to let her keep his dream alive. The swords name is 失われた日の夜 (Night of lost) it is unknown what it's worth as Alex will not let most touch it let alone get close enough to guess the price. She also has other swords she uses but like Zoro she tends to break other swords easy.  Alex is also some what skinny and that leads many to believe she is weak until they battle her.


Alex unlike Zoro is more kind natured, She also believes that anyone can change no matter who they once was. Though she does believe that she also believes that sometimes one has to prove they are different before she trusts them allo that much. Alex also can be serious when the time calls for it. Though she doesn't like being serious all the time due to liking to have fun. Though if Alex drinks allot she can become rude or even very playful.

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Kenbunshoku Haki: Color of Observation

Busōshoku Haki: Color of Armaments

Haōshoku Haki: Color of the Conquering King




Roronoa Zoro

Alex has never met Zoro face to face, however ever so often she catches word of what he has been up to and what pirates he dealt with until joining the Straw hat Pirates. After that she keeps his wanted poster with her at all times.

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"Just because I don't have green hair doesn't mean I don't know my way around a sword. You best get to running before i send you flying. "To someone mocking her about her dark brown hair.

"Attacking from behind is a cowards act. True swordsmen fight face to face. Or did you not get that note. "To a swordsmen thug.

"If you think you can stand there and lie to me then you have another thing coming." To those she feel is lying to her.


Alex secretly wishes to been born with green hair.

Unlike Zoro, Alex is unable to handle huge amounts of alcohol.

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