The man who loves rules more then Justice. Nobody talking about Roroc.

Roroc is the lieutenant commander of the Yatara island branch, and is 2nd in command. He is the secondary antagonist of the Yatara chaos arc.


He tends to wear normal civilian clothes, but they do stand to marine code. He also wears black sunglasses, with a hat.


He is a huge sticker of the rules, wanting to send a marine in the brig for not sticking to minor rules. He is very loyal to Brog though, asking him before he do it. He has also been impressed with Brogs leadership, not even questioning his possible overestimation of one pirate by placing 2,000 marines after him.


With a high rank in the marines, he is able to command many marine soldiers, along with being 2nd in command of the marine branch. With a high rank and being 2nd in command to 5,000 marines, he is most likely very powerful. He has been able to defeat multiple pirate crews with ease. Even Brog has thought he was strong.

While he was stronger then Zozo and Beta, the two working together defeated him.


Roroc VS Zozo and Beta (loss)

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