Rika the Mermaid
Pre Timeskip - Post Timeskip

Rika Fullbody Post-Timeskip

Japanese Name: リカマーメイド
Romanized Name: Rika māmeido
English Name: Rika the Mermaid
Debut: Adventure Dawn: The Mysterious Pirate Lad!
Epithet: None
Status: Alive
Bounty: - style="font-size:0.83em;"

! style="vertical-align:top;"| Bounty:

| style="vertical-align:top; padding-right:1em;"| Bsymbol1030,000,000
Japanese VA: Ryoko Oro

"Beautiful" Rika is Coral Catfish  mermaid , a pirate and a navigator of the Black Coat Pirates. She is the first member of the crew and second to join, doing so in the Adventure Dawn arc. She was later captured in the Barriquet arc, but rejoined at the end of the Gillago Arc, after the defeat and escape of Rasputin.

She holds a bounty of Bsymbol30.000.000.





Rika was born twenty seven years ago, three years before the death of Gol D. Rogers. She was born in Fishman Island. Her parents are unknown.

When Rika was seven years old, she and various other mermaids were captured by the infamous slaver known as Rasputin. Although the mermaids were sold over the years, he seemed to hold a special attraction to Rika and kept her by his side. She suffered from horrible depression, until four years later, when a pirate and his crew appeared with the goal of freeing all of the slaves. His attack succeeded as Rika, as well as many others, were able to become free.

Left with nowhere to go, Rika swam towards Reverse Mountain and against the current, battering herself to get far away from Gillago. Exhausted, she fainted on the other side and floated aimlessly till she arrived to Orange Island where she was rescued by the elderly Doctor Bota. He welcomed her to the island and asked about her story, which she weepily told. Bota promised to keep her safe and offered her an Ornery Rose , a special flower which grew on Orange Island but had no effect on humans. Miraculously, it caused her tail to split into legs and make her look human. She asked Bota if he could keep her transformation a secret to which he agreed.

She later got a job at the local bar "Many Oranges" and become a waitress. Due to her experiences she grew afraid of people, especially visitors, and could not talk to many people for long without becoming uncomfortable. She joins Jack Swift's crew when he saves the village from pirates.

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