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The Rexy universe is split into two timeframes. The first is about fifty years after the void century and the second is about one hundred years before the current storyline (before the timeskip).

A key feature in the universe are the 'time houses'. Inside each house is a time rift, created by the time time fruit, that leads to the other time period.

Due to this universe being in two different timeframes, two of the same devil fruits can appear at once, one from each timeframe.

Logia devil fruits tend to be eaten by weapons, leading to a great warfare in the past, where everyone sought to have all of the legendary weapons.

Major CharactersEdit

  • Emunas Gorinolas [Both Timeframes]
  • Rex Canina [Both Timelines]
  • Time Guardians [Both Timeframes]
  • Early World Government [Early Timeframe]
  • Current World Government [Late Timeframe]


Devil FruitsEdit

  • Joki Joki no Mi [Eaten in early timeline]
  • Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Wolf [Eaten in both timelines]
  • Settou Settou no Mi [Eaten in early timeline]
  • Dragon Dragon Fruit [Eaten in early timeline]
  • Ice Ice Fruit [Eaten in late timeline]
  • Fire Fire Fruit [Eaten in early timeline]
  • Rock Rock Fruit [Eaten in early timeline]
  • Energy Energy Fruit [Eaten in early timeline]
  • Water Water Fruit [Eaten in both timelines]
  • Human Human Fruit, Model: Cyclopse [Eaten in early timeline]
  • Air Air Fruit [Eaten in late timeline]
  • Light Light Fruit [Eaten in late timeline]
  • Shadow Shadow Fruit [Eaten in late timeline]
  • Dragon Dragon Fruit, Model: Frost Dragon [Eaten in late timeline]
  • Dragon Dragon Fruit, Model: Wyvern [Eaten in early timeline]
  • Dragon Dragon Fruit, Model: Freshwater Dragon [Eaten in early timeline]

Major IslandsEdit

  • Birth Island


  • Legendary Weapons
  • Will o' the Wisp (Current Owner: Rex Canina)
  • Frostbite (Current Owner: ???)
  • Shadow Bazooka
  • Rock Hammer
  • Electric Mace
  • Air Claws
  • Water Knife
  • Light Bow

Story ArcsEdit

  • Paradox Arc
  • Dragon Council Arc
  • Future Invasion Arc