Personality and Relationships


Respira is a very cruel genius, like many of the Impel Down staff he loved to tutored the prisoners with his creations. He takes a lot of pride into each and everyone of his poisons, often getting very angry if someone didn't die shortly after they inhaled the poison. He however is a coward he doesn't like to fight mostly because he doesn't have any combat training, thus why he lets his poisons doing the world and he enjoys the damage it will do.

He enjoys suffer of others, however Respira hates the goody goods as well. Often telling that they are interrupted his fun time, Respira does hide in the shadows and lets his poison do the work. Respira is very similar to Kojiro in the fact that he is constantly looking for a potential partner, only in Respira's case his "victims" were women. However, he couldn't stand rejection, mostly because of insecurity about his appearance. Any time a woman rejected his affections he automatically assumed it was because of looks, which was probably a large contributing factor. Another factor is that he always came on too strong.


Tyrant PiratesEdit

Respira is one of the weakest members of the tyrant crew, however to make up for this he offers his poisons and other creations to the members to use. Such as poison bombs and his antidote were they wouldn't be affected by any of his poisons. So he seemed to have earned his way into their fold and is liked enough to not kill him, because of his way. It seems that he has tried to hit on the women of the crew, but they turned him down.

Kojiro UesugiEdit

Respira seems to be grateful for Kojiro taking him in, Kojiro seen a good potential in Respira. Because of his unique skills, he uses Respira to develop poisons and such to gain the advantage over others.

Impel Down StaffEdit

Ironically, Respira was much like the rest of the staff cruel and loved to tortured the prisoners. But it did seem that he left because of one thing, Sadi-chan and Vice Guard Domino turned down Respira. With his own insecurities he thought as the rest of the staff loathed him and so to get back at them he left and took all of his secrets with him. But with the rest of the staff, they believe that he was killed or such when luffy and company escaped.

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