Abilities and PowersEdit

Even though he is among one of the weakest members of the Tyrant crew physically, Respira using his sneaky ways and his devil fruit the most against his opponents, he also seems to have a few weapons that he uses. Such as a switch blade he keeps up his sleeve, poison bombs and often he has his own den den mushi to call in for back up from the Tyrant crew.

Master HerbalistEdit

Respira's greatest skill is his ability and his knowledge of poisonous plants and other natural chemicals and such. He has had years of experimenting with these forms, using them on others and seeing what happens, however he has also come up with medicines for his allies to use and he is so good that he has created the ultimate antidote from his poisons which all of the members of the tyrant Pirates,

Their allies and himself has taken to not suffer the affects of his own poisons. Respira is skilled at making different kinds of poison for different purposes. He also seems clearly and completely unaffected by his own poisons, seen in his first apparition where he somewhat drank a bit of his own poison probably testing it's efficiency.

Devil FruitEdit

The Soyo Soyo no Mi (そそ) is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to breath out different types of gases. Soyo (そ) coming from Soyokaze (そよ風) meaning “Breath”, in both Viz Manga, and the FUNimation dub, it is called the Breath-Breath Fruit.


This fruit gives the user the ability to breath out many different types of gases and poisons, the user of course is immune to these gases that he can produce. Through breathing out dead gases to kill a single opponent or even a whole crew. The user of the fruit also can bottle there poisons as show by Respira, he was able to bottle several of his gases to have as a backup, just in case something had gone wrong. So it would appear that there is different gases that have different properties in which Respira is able to use them.


The user suffers the standard weakness of the devil fruit.

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