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My you are simply going to like this one, its just like how mother use to make.....Hahahaha!
— Respira
Respira la Muerta (デッドを吹き込む, Muerta la Respira) is a member of the Tyrant Pirates . He was a poison specialist hired by the World Government to help develop new weapons that evolved poisons. He was stationed at Impel Down, to test the poisons on the prisoners and using some of Magellan’s own poisons to create new forms of inhuman tutor.

Respira however escaped with all of his secret formulas for said poisons, when Luffy and company escaped. He used a small boat to escape, he later spend days out on the open seas. Until he came across the The Red Tyrant and its inhabitants.

Kojiro and the rest of the members at the time was impressed by his weapons and knowledge on poisons for combat. Since then Kojiro had offered Respira a deal, if he would come and serve Kojiro. He would give as much money as he would need to keep his research up and making the poison weapons for him and his crew to use against their enemies.

He is famous as the Poison Master (ポイズン·マスター, Dokuke?), because of his devil fruit ability the Soyo Soyo no Mi. He has also earned himself a bounty of Bsymbol10 30,000,000 for his defecation of Impel Down and the World Government, his own experiments he had done on civilians with his poisons. With this Respira sets out to spread as much of his poisons as he can and experiment with said poison on whomever he pleases.


Respira full

Current Appearance

Respira is a very short man, only standing at 5'1, his outfit has never changed. During his time on the Impel down staff and now as a tyrant pirate. He wears a white bandana that looks like cat ears, a white mask tied to the bandana. However it has been that he is able to detach it as well, revealing his face.

Tattooed, with red and big eyes, often commented by Fredric as a "creepy creepier". Respira wears a long white shirt, brown pants and zori sandals. He is seen with a basket like backpack on his back, that holds his own supplies and poisons. Whenever in his lab or such, he will often been seen with a blue smock over his other cloths and wearing a pair of gloves.

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