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Name: 冷雨 (Reiu)
Meaning: Cold Rain
Grade: O Wazamono
Owner(s): Spartacus

Page created by: Alphadhbeta

The Reiu, literally meaning "cold rain," is an O Wazamono grade katana. It was given to Spartacus by Momonga when he became the leader of G-1 Unit 1.


The Reiu has a long, pearl white sheath and crystal blue blade. The hilt is black, with white diamond patterns on it. The guard is diamond shaped, with ice crystal patterns on all corners.


The Reiu is a light sword designed for quick and colorful attacks. Apparently, the sword is named after the fact that it could be used to send a "cold shower of air blades." This was indeed proven true when Spartacus himself demonstrated it.

In contrast to its lightness, it is still extremely durable, as it blocked one of Alpha's high speed attacks without bending or cracking at all.

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