Reddo Redi (レッドレディ; Reddo Redi) is an infamous pirate from South Blue and is captain of the The Red Pirates. She is one of the eleven elite pirates known as the "Big Time Rookies" on the Sabaody Archipelago whose's bounty is over Bsymbol10 100,000,000. Her epithet is "The Red Lady" and her bounty amounts to the third highestBsymbol10 245,000,000, below Duwong Sano and Jonathan D. Swift.

Appearance Edit

Reddo has blue eyes, pink hair, large breasts, and a curvaceous body. Reddo often wears make-up to match her appearance. She currently wears a black vest top and matching skirt. The vest sports a collar and tie reaching only to her mid-chest, and aside from a light cloth band clasped above her navel.

Her belly and the under-inside portion of her breasts are exposed. She also wears a dark hairband with points resembling cat ears, and long black gloves reaching to her upper arms. She has an alternative outfit which is a white dress shirt and black buttoned vest and long black skirt with heels, though this disguise to help her rob ships and kill marines.

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Abilities and Powers Edit

Devil Fruit Edit

Reddo exhibits unexplained abilities that appear to come from a paramecia type Devil Fruit that involves air manipulation. She can, be using swift hand movements, create blades from that can slice through seemingly anything.

If her power stems from a Devil Fruit, it would not explain why she can't create anything else from air other than blades. Though it is possible that that is all the fruit will allow her to create. Though the blades can be made in various sizes, as she has stated she has sliced an entire island in half once because it threatened to turn her into the World Government.

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History Edit

Before being a Big Time RookieEdit

Sometime during her life, she ate an unnamed devil fruit that allows her to create blades from air. During her career as a pirate she has made her name by single-handedly entering ship and murdering everyone on board, then stealing all the riches and gold. She has become known as he Red Lady to most of the Grand Line. Sometime during her career she split an island in half, due to it threatening to turn her in.

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