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"There's no such thing as the perfect shot, only ones that you couldn't do anything to improve."- Raziel
Raziel Iustitia
Raziel Iustita
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Blood type: AB Positive (universal recipient)
Birthdate: 12th May
Height: 6 foot 4 inches (193.04 cm)
Island of Origin: Terra Ignis
Occupation: Marine, Captain.
Epithet: The Sniper Archer
Crew: Gabriel's Guardians
Position: Captain
Family: One younger brother and a father
Specialism: Bow User, Sniper, Strategist
Dream: To become the greatest sniper in the world.
Devil Fruit
Japanese Kanji:
English Name: Fruit
Type: Paramecia
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Raziel is a life long Marine, Captain of the Ascendant Marine Navy and the member of the elite marine group known as Gabriel's Guardians. Among the both The Ascendant Marines and The Divergent Marines, Raziel is considered an elite soldier having fought in some of the largest and toughest battles since the rise of the second Pirate King. Those battles included a campaign during the War of West Blue against the second generation of the Blackbeard Pirates.

Raziel spent his entire childhood training to become a marine, after his island on the Grand Line was ravaged by Blackbeard when he was aged five. His father was a marine and was away from home serving the World Government at the time. There were very few survivors of the attack and when the smoke cleared, both Raziel and his brother Gabriel swore that they would become marines. Marines who were strong enough to stop something like that ever happening again.

Raziel and his brother Gabriel kept their promise to each other and became famous for protecting the civilian populace.