"One shot, one kill, that is Putridas' way."


Putridas, one of the senior members of the Deff Brotherhood, he is capable of harming everyone with his extensive knowledge in battle, he is also like his brothers, a practicioner of Haki. Pirates fear him while marines are happy to see his presence in battle. His mere name sends chills down on anyone's spine, Putridas' battle prowess is second only to his large appetite and taste in women. Putridas also refers to him as the third person.


Putridas is a young man, with black hair and dark blue eyes. When off duty, Putridas can be seen in the casual attire of a "Hipster". When operating as a "Brother", however, Hei dons a black, bullet-proof trench coat and a white mask. Later, after the events that transpire at Nova Blade's execution, Putridas allows his hair to grow out to shoulder length; though he often keeps it tied in a ponytail. He also now wears a purple and black jacket and a snow cap on his head. Putridas also appears to have neglected shaving for 3 months.


Putridas refers to himself as the third person, he never talks smack to his opponents, he usually gives a taste of a fraction of his power against weak enemies or injured foes. Putridas is fearless in battle, he will charge at an enemy even though his weakspots have been exposed. He will cheat if necessary, using underhand methods to get the upperhand in a one on one fight.


Putridas combines his skills in battle and his underhand tactics to form an array of cheap but deadly attacks that can take down his enemies in one swoop. Putridas skills with a long rifle rival's that of Yassop of the Red Haired Pirates, his skill with the sword is not so great, though Mihawk did bother to remember his name. Overall, Putridas is great with a sword but not so great when fighting a prolonged battle with Mihawk, but his skill with a gun is legendary. He can take down several enemies using only a small pistol concealed in his boots.