Power House CDXI is the heir presumptive to the leadership of The Big House and the current bearer of the title Bandit King.

Through the use of his Mokei Mokei no Mi, he has become a man with a large amount of names and an ever larger amount of faces. Amongst all of his innumerable amount of pseudonyms, Musca Sikorsky and Syrphidae Harlequinade are the ones that are the most important to House.

As Musca SikorskyHouse is the husband of Dame Sikorsky. As a direct result of his marriage to Dame; he has fathered Rukiryo Sikorsky, Squire Sikorsky, and then Page Sikorsky. Lastly, he is a relatively inactive member of the Vampire Bat Pirates who serves Patrick Redfield as his Second Mate.

While as Syrphidae Harlequinade, House is the world-class assassin who replaced Crocodile as a member of the Shichibukai.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit



House CallEdit

House Call (Romaji: Hausu Ko-ruKanji: ハウスコール) - Is a maneuver where House lunges into a haymaker. Because of both the fact that all of his cyberware and weaponry make him more than heavy enough to be conveniently weighed in tons and the fact that his Mokei Mokei no Mi allows him to travel at patently absurd velocities in spite of his heaviness, this maneuver is destructive enough to sink even the largest of Marine battleships.


Neighborhood (Romaji: Kaiwai; Kanjiかいわい) - Is a maneuver where each of the underbellies of House's fingers will open in order to allow a saw chain to jut from each of them. At House's behest, the saw chain will begin to cycle at a record speed. The cycling saw chain can then be utilized to sever just about anything with naught but a swipe of the hand.

It should be noted this maneuver's name is a pun on the fact that a neighborhood is a chain of houses

House CleaningEdit

House Cleaning (RomajiHausu Kuri-ningu; Kanji: ハウスクリーニング) Is a maneuver where a trio of gun barrels will protrude from either or each of House's palms. Altogether, the trio(s) of gun barrels are easily capable of firing off more than an entire Marine contingent's worth of bullets within the span of a few seconds.

It should be noted that this maneuver is most often used to defeat swarms of weaklings.


House MusicEdit

House Music (Romaji: Hausu Myu-jikku; Kanji: ハウスミュージック) Is a maneuver where House will emit a disorienting sound from his person as a means of debilitating his foes.

Brick HouseEdit

Brick House (Romaji: Burikku HausuKanji: ブリックハウス) - Is a maneuver where House will blacken the entirety of his body with Busoshoku Haki as a means of augmenting his durability. Because House's body is already constituted of the toughest of steels, the utilization of this maneuver is normally sure to No Sell an assault upon his person.



Housekeeper (Romaji: Hausuki-pa-; Kanji: ハウスキ-パ-) Is a maneuver where House completely displaces his standard consciousness with an additional consciousness that he has developed as a side effect of his masquerades.

Because the Housekeeper possesses a stronger will than House, he is much faster than House and has way stronger haki. It should also be noted that the Housekeeper adds the prefix Housekeeping (Romaji: Hausuki-pingu; Romaji: ハウスキ-ピング) to the name of any maneuver he utilizes.

House MannequinEdit

House Mannequin (Romaji: Hausu Manukan; Kanji: ハウスマヌカン) Is a maneuver where House completely forgoes conventional movement in favor of moving in a manner that is reminiscent of the movements of a marionette. Moving in such a way allows House to accelerate to a patently absurd velocity with MUCH greater ease.

House AlarmEdit

House Alarm (Romaji: Hausu Ara-mu; Kanji: ハウスアラーム) - Is a passive maneuver where a supercomputer that is incorporated into House's being will take control of House's body and perform actions in House's stead as a response to specific stimuli.


Housewares, House SwordEdit

Housewares, Hausu So-do (Romaji: Hausuuea, Hausu So-do; Kanji: ハウスウエアハウスソ-ド) Is any maneuver where House makes use of his trademark sword.

Housewares, House ShurikenEdit

Housewares, House Shuriken (Romaji: Hausuuea, Hausu Shuriken ; Kanji: ハウスウエアしゅりけん) Is any maneuver where House makes use of his shuriken, which have a saw chain in place of the blades that most shuriken have.




  • The Big House is an American slang for prison. It is also the translation of Bolshoy Dom, the headquarters of the FSB. It is a reference towards House's criminal status and his status as an assassin.
  • Musca is short for Musca domestica. Or in other words, the housefly.
    • This means that House's animal theme as a Shichibukai COULD be the housefly.
  • Sikorsky is a reference towards the Sikorsky R-4. Also known as the R-4 Hoverfly.
    • This may be a hint that House's animal theme as a Shichibukai COULD be the hoverfly rather than the housefly.
  • Syrphidae is a family that is composed of naught but the hoverflies, flying insects which are infamous for masquerading as bees, hornets, yellow jackets, and et cetera. This mirrors House's own tendency to masquerade as pirates.
    • This is yet another hint that House's animal theme as Shichibukai COULD be the hoverfly over the housefly.
  • Harlequinade is a theatrical genre which casts clowsn, jesters, mimes, and et cetera. All of which are themes of House himself.