Oz (オズ, Ozu lit. God) is a mysterious and enigmatic figure who roams the seas of both the Grand Line and the New World. known as Memory (メモリ, Memori) because of his Devil Fruit, Taru Taru no Mi, and his existence being engraved into the minds of some of his few surviving victims, which many of them ended mentally unstable and even insane.

Everything about this mysterious individual is unknown, even whose side he's on or what his goals and intentions, if any, may be. Even fooling pirates into the hands of Marines and imprisonment, sometimes even killing them or both parties. As such he was giving the low bounty of 10,000,000 on his head, simply because of his actions not being neccesarily serious.


Oz is a lean built man, he is fairly muscular that his clothes make him thinner than he really is. His most distinctive features are his snow white hair that just barely reaches his shoulders and usually covers his right eye when tilting his head, the second feature are his red eyes but above all else is his smile that rarely fades away.

His outfit consists of a black suit with thin white lines from up to bottom, under it he wears a white shirt which has a black tie tied around his white shirts neck collar, a black belt tied around his black jeans and completed with black shoes. Oz is always seen wearing a black fedora hat with a wide brim nearly at all times.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit


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