Ornery Roses
Ornery Ros3
Japanese Name: 貧弱なバラ
English Name: Ornery Rose
Region: Hinjakuna bara

Ornery Roses are a special type of rose that only grows on Orange Island. It is considered a useless flower for it has no effects on people and any medicine or food it's mixed with turns it to glue.


Ornery Roses have been studied by Dr. Bota for ten years. As far as Bota has learned that the rose is naturally from Orange Island. He also also learned that due to it's strange nectar anything it mixes with becomes a glue-like substance and has no effects to humans whatsoever. However, upon meeting a mermaid, it is revealed that it's strong scent allows their tails to split, even at young ages.

Dr. Bota gave one to Rika to help her hide her presence on Orange Island.


  • It's name name "Ornery" means Stubborn, this is probably because it's too stubborn to successfully mix with anything.
  • Although it is a flower, the stem is unusually wide, and fungus like.

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