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Attacks & Techniques

Ori Ori no Mi
Ori Ori no Mi
Japanese Name: Ori Ori no Mi
Japanese Kanji: オリオリの実
English Name: Bind Bind Fruit or Cage Cage Fruit
Type: Paramecia
Power: "The Power to bind and shackle things."
Original User: Hina
Current User: Savio Koralen
Creator: Kai-De-Avalon

Attacks & TechniquesEdit

Hina's Original TechniquesEdit

Awase Baori (袷羽檻, Awase Baori literally meaning "Lined Kimono Feather Cage):Edit

After surrounding an area with a fence-like cage of bars that come out of her arms, Hina closes the cage and binds anyone that is caught inside. The first part of the technique's name is based on the way the cage's bars come out of her arms, which resembles kimono sleeves. The second part of the technique's name is based on the fact that the bars vaguely resemble feathers.


Hina using Awase Baori on Luffy and pirates at Marineford.

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