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Ope Ope no Mi

Ope Ope no Mi
Japanese Name: オペオペの実の実"Opeopenomi"
English Name: Operation Operation Fruit
Meaning: Literally preforming operation
Type: Paramecia
Power: Gives the user the complete control over a certain range.
Eaten By: Ned Spade, Trafalger Law
Story / Creator: Alphadhbeta

The Ope Ope no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows its user to create a spherical space or "room", where the user has complete control over the placement and orientation of the objects inside. "Ope" comes from the word "operation", as the space the user creates is compared to an "operating room" and the user to a surgeon. This fruit was eaten by Trafalgar Law and Ned Spade.

Over a debate whether or not a Devil Fruit could have two users at the same time, Law and Ned both agreed to eat the Ope Ope no Mi at the same time by cutting it in half. Indeed, this created a loophole, thus allowing both of them to have control over the fruit's power.


The Ope Ope no Mi allows the user to manipulate everything within a specific area, such as people, cannonballs, and ships in what was described as a "surgical" manner. Through this ability, Law and Ned can dismember people from a distance without harming them, lift or displace objects of any size, and switch peoples' hearts, which is shown to also switch personalities.

They can also attach separated parts in any manner he sees fit, such as sticking someone's head to a barrel. People separated by this ability aren't killed and can still feel their separated parts, regardless of the distance. In other words, he can cut through flesh and bone without actually hurting the victim. The effect persists even after the user disengages the sphere. Separated parts can be reassembled back to normal, however while separated they can be temporarily assembled in mixed up ways or "attached" onto other surfaces, including someone else's body. Apparently, victims with Fruit powers still retain said abilities after being cut into pieces, but only parts with "conscience" (i.e. the head) seem to be able to access them while in this state. It also seems that he can switch people's places in his "Room."


A drawback to the fruit is that the user of the Ope Ope no Mi can only use its powers within a specific area, so if the target moves outside the area, they are immune to its powers. It appears that the user has to make hand gestures to use certain attacks and also cannot walk without canceling out his Room. Other than this, the Ope Ope no Mi has no other revealed weaknesses aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses.


  • This is the only Devil Fruit that belongs to two owners at the same time.
    • This is because the two owners, Trafalgar Law and Ned Spade ate the fruit's seperate halves at the same time, thus creating a loophole.
  • Coincidentally, this fruit's two owners are both doctors who may use this fruit to preform complex surgeries.

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