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One Piece: The Triple D

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Name: ワンピース:トリプルD (Wanpīsu: Toripuru D)
Creator: Alphadhbeta
Years: 2012~

Page created by: Alphadhbeta

One Piece: Triple D is a One Piece fanon, meaning that it is a recreated version of the said story. It is currently being created by Alphadhbeta, piece by piece, with the G-12 Unit 3 as the main protagonists.

Apparently, the triple D of this fanon is "Destiny, Death, and the Will of the D."

Grand Line SagaEdit

Chapter IEdit

Chapter IIEdit

Bio Terrorism SagaEdit

Chapter IIIEdit

Chapter IVEdit

Chapter VEdit

Divine War SagaEdit

Chapter VIEdit

Chapter VIIEdit

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