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One Piece: The Jolly Age
One Piece The Jolly Age
Author: Wyvern 0m3g4
Original run: December 17, 2014 – Ongoing
Chapters: No Known Chapters as of Yet
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Drama, Tragedy

One Piece: The Jolly Age (ワンピース: ザジョリー時代 Wan Pīsu: Za Jorī Jidai) is a fan-made One Piece story written and developed by Wyvern 0m3g4. It is a counterpart series to Wyvern's other story, One Dream, on the Ship of Fools Wiki, and as such it carries many of the same elements, events and characters from that story too, albeit done in a different manner due to the differences in how each story is presented. While One Dream follows the canon timeline of the One Piece manga and anime, One Piece: The Jolly Age is set in an alternate universe where canon becomes distorted at certain points. Because of its inherent nature and how certain changes were made, Wyvern has expressed that this story represents the true One Piece fanon he had wanted to write from the start.

The story proper follows the exploits of Jolly D. Chris after being helped and later inspired to become a pirate by now reputable rookie pirate, Monkey D. Luffy. As the Straw Hat captain continues to sail towards Fishman Island, and later, the New World, Chris sets out to sea to form his own pirate crew and accomplish his dreams. This is in stark contrast to One Dream's choice to follow not only Chris, but Just D. Kris, Ika and Dieu-le-Veut Veronica as protagonists too, and so these three notably lack the same amount of focus in The Jolly Age as they did in One Dream.



One Piece: The Jolly Age follows the exploits of Jolly D. Chris and his adventures as he becomes a pirate after being inspired by the Straw Hat Pirates. The series starts off after Chris promises to form a mighty, great crew who can then meet his idols later on, as he leaves his home island as a newly made criminal. Despite having a personal desire to entertain the world through an unknown means as of yet, he had nothing stopping him from drifting aimlessly as a pirate. This all changes once he meets a strong, reckless young man known as Spike, whose dream is to become Pirate King by finding the "One Piece"; a treasure left behind 22 years ago by the former Pirate King himself, Gol D. Roger. The two set up the crew known as The Jolly Pirates and begin Chris' countless new adventures as they all set sail to find the One Piece.

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Many real world items were the primary focus on certain characters and arcs.

  • Balance and Moderation - Chris' divided personality as a child and adult reflects the need to keep things in harmony, lest anything be corrupted.
  • Faith - Spike's undying belief in what he does and says heavily displays this. As well as his dream.
  • People and Technology - Timber's use and beliefs in his inventions.
  • Honor and Duty - The reason for Sakura's dream to defeat Mihawk, as well as being seen in her attitude amongst her crewmates.
  • Acceptance - Usually seen in Chris' choices for crewmates, such as Aphro, Hanuman or Lys.
  • Racism - During the Hanuman Arc, the story introduces the bigfeet, who have become new targets of discrimination by humans and fishmen alike. This also heavily plays into Hanuman's character at first.
  • Slavery - Lys' past and its effects on her are what drives her at first. Also, the abduction of Glory and Hanuman's parents play this up a little as well.
  • Justice - Seen throughout the series.
  • Pursuing One's Dream - Focused on throughout the series, particularly with The Jolly Pirates. Although some other characters, like Ika, Veronica, Kris, and even Grim show shades of this.
  • Status Divide - It is focused on with The Jolly Pirates' status as pirates, the World Government's status as "world leaders," the Marines' status as "protectors of the world," and the World Nobles as well as nobles thinking they have a higher status than everyone else.
  • Eugenics - The World Nobles act superior to others due to their heritage. Sakura also gets most of her acknowledgement for simply being related to Mihawk.


Real world mythology has been stated by Wyvern 0m3g4 to be something of a fascination for him, and so he has adapted some myths and folklore into One Piece: The Jolly Age as well. He has also drawn some inspiration from recent media, like the Godzilla series.


  • Corral Island, as a result of being influenced by the creation of Wyatt, has a distinct western American setting, and is even based around the O.K. Corral.
  • Lucky 7 had its origins inspired by Las Vegas, or rather, the Las Vegas Strip; which is why it has a heavy theme revolving around gambling and other similar activities usually found within the Las Vegas Strip.
  • The island where the kingdom of Arctica is found has its name based on the continent, Antarctica, as well as its climate.


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