A calm morning as the ocean spray blows in the breeze. The waters seem to calmly guide a small rowboat through the East Blue. A man, laying in a barrel stretches a bit as the barrel remains in the boat, even as it bobs in the water. The man rubbed his eyes and looked out into the sea, a bit confused. He looked to the left, then to the right, up, then down. Finally, he came to a realization as his eyes widened a bit.

"Where the hell is the ship!" He angrily shouted. He looked around confused and slightly upset when suddenly a bird landed on his head, the bird with a very angry look on it's face looked around, first to the left then to the right and then down in which the man smiled at it. Clonk! The beak pecked once at Swift's head then began to fly off.

"STUPID BIRD!" He shouted, "GET BACK HERE!" He jumped out of the barrel and grabbed the two oars and slapped them into the water and began to row after it.

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