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Treasure 4: The Island of ShipbuildersEdit

[The chapter opens with a pitch-black view. Stormy groaning can be heard, as slowly, the shadow starts being pushed away by an eye-shaped view of what is above her. To be more specific, it is Knave and Pura, looking down, seemingly concerned.]

[We cut to a third-person view, as Stormy sits up on the small cot they laid out in the dining room.]

Knave: You okay, Stormy?

Stormy: Yeah..... what happened?

Pura: You were unpacking your things in the girl's quarters and we heard you scream. When we found you you had fainted.

Stormy: Oh, right..... I had finished and I was starting to leave, and then.... the door opened.... and this.... mushroom thing popped open and started making sounds at me....

[Knave and Pura glance at each other for a moment, then glance down at Stormy again. Knave takes the perogative.]

Knave: You mean this thing?

[Knave points at his shoulder, as a creature that looked very much like a mushroom crawled up on his shoulder. It smiles good naturedly down at Stormy.]

Creature: Gao!

Stormy: Ah! That's it! [Pointing at it, finger bouncing around like crazy] Kill it! Kill it!

Creature: Gao! [Scared expression, climbs back down to Knave's back.]

Knave: [Tilts head back, then lets out a stream of laughter] Ciaosusususususususususu!

Pura: [A small bit of sweat drops down the back of her head as she looks at Knave and Stormy.]

Stormy: [Scowling, eyes have gone white as she waves her finger angrily at Knave] Stop it! What's so funny anyway?!

Knave: [Rights himself, wiping some tears away] Ah, sorry, it's just.... that little fellas part of our crew! He's Gopher, our cook.

Stormy: [Stands rigidly still as Knave's words sink in] Little fella..... Gopher.... cook...... [She suddenly seems to teleport in the corner, in a sulking position, head hung low, a black aura forming around her] I'm such an idiot...

Knave: [Can't control himself any longer] Ciaosususususususu! Ciaosusususususu!

Pura: [Lashes out with a kick, striking Knave in the face. While it goes through, it does shut Knave up] You can't be that tactless! [To Stormy, she walks over, patting her lightly on the shoulder] It's okay, it's okay.... everyone has the same reaction...

[Suddenly, the sound of feet from the deck above is heard, as it quickly moves downward. Sid pushes open the door, then walks in, a grin on his face.]

Sid: Guys! Water 7's in sight!

[Opening 1 plays]


[The scene is now at one of Water 7's docks, with the Manic Dreamer now docked. The Dreams walk out (Stormy still keeping some distance from Gopher) to meet one of the office workers of Galley-La, a clipbopard in his hands.]

Office Worker: So, what will it be? What do you want fixed? New ship? New hull? New mast? What's it gonna be?

Pura: [Bows politely] We just need some minor hull breaches fixed. We got hit by some bullets and canons as we left.

Knave: Yep! The Dreamer's perfectly fine! [Slaps hand on the front. A large section of wood falls off, shattering. A now tight lipped Knave walks up next to Pura and bows as well] Please fix the front as well.

Officer Worker: Right-o. We'll have one of our shipwrights and the supplies ready in an hour or so. Feel free to explore the island while you wait. [Walks away, scribbling the info on his clipboard before moving to the next ship]

[The Dreams gather in a small circle (with Stormy still a space away from Gopher).]

Stormy: I say we explore a little bit. Some of us haven't been to the island before.

Pura: I don't think any of us have.

Stormy: Then were did you get the Dreamer built?

Sid: An old carpenter friend back in South Blue made it for us.

Stormy: Oh.

Pura: So it's decided, we'll go look around the island.

Gopher: Gao! 

Knave: Gopher says yes too!

Stormy: You can understand him?!

Knave: Of course. I had him since I was a little kid. I'm kinda surprised that you guys can't understand him!

Stormy: [Punches Knave in the face, or at least, tries] We're not complete animals like you!

Sid: Anyway, if we're gonna go exploring, we have to leave someone to guard the ship. I vote Knave.

Knave: What?! Sid, you traitor!

Sid: It's only fair! You got to leave and explore last island!

Pura: I agree with Sid.

Knave: You too, Pura?!

Stormy: Fine with me!

Knave: [Slumped pitifully on the ground] You guys are so cruel....

Gopher: Gao!

Knave: [Looks up at Gopher through a viel of tears, then hugs him] You'll stay with me! Thank you buddy!

Gopher: Gao! [Tries to hug back, but Knave is too big]

Stormy: Then it's decided?

Pura: I guess so.

Sid: Then let's set off!

[They group departs, waving goodbyes and wish Knave good luck as they separate to explore Water 7. Knave glances around, then walks over to the mast, where he sits down, and cuddling Gopher close, starts falling asleep. Suddenly, a pistol is cocked right in front of his face. Knave glances up at the man holding it. He is wearing traditional pirate gear, with a large bit of stubble on his chin and a eyepatch.]

Pirate:  Get out! This ship now belongs to Kabbai Seng-sama!

Knave: [Confused] It does?

Pirate: [An even more confused face at Knave's reaction] Well... er, yeah! After all, I'm the one with the gun, telling you to get off! And since I work for Kabbai Seng-sama, that makes it his ship! Got it?

Knave: [Stands up, setting Gopher down, as he cracks his knuckles.] So you're saying that if I can beat you, I can keep the ship? [Storm surrounds his fists]

Pirate: [Expression grows more and more fearful as he backs up, with Knave walking forward, keeping pace with him] Well, no, it's just.... we don't need to fight over this- Okay I'm sorry! You can keep your ship, please don't-!

[The sounds of a beating fill the air]

[The scene now shifts to another dock, a few docks away from where the Manic Dreamer is stationed. A massive pirate ship is their, at least twice the size of the Dreamer. THe crew, all wearing dark brown cloaks, move around quickly, unstacking supplies, while others take small amounts of money from a large sack near the hull and rush off into the town. A large man sits on a massive throne in the shadow of the front of the ship, entirely shrouded in shadow. Two slightly-larger than normal crewmates wearing brown cloaks seem to glide up to him]

Larger Crewmate 1: My lord, you were right. There was another pirate ship docked. We sent some of our hired goons to take it.

Larger Crewmate 2: He should return within the hour. The pirates who owned it didn't look that strong.

Large Man: [His voice is a deep, rumbling basso] Excellent. Once we have acquired the last two pirate ships to assimilate into ours, we'll have the biggest ship on the Grand Line! None will stand in our way! Everything will be ours! I am so nefarious! SHEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME!!!

Larger Crewmate 1: Err.... Kabbai Seng-sama, that was a bit.... wierd?

Larger Crewmate 2: [Visibly shaking] What are you talking about?! That was the most terrifying speech of all time! How could you not squel in absolute terror? [Lets out a high-pitched squeel]

Larger Crewmate 1: Umm.... okay.... [Starts shaking] 

Kabbai Seng: [Leans forward, still in shadow, holding up his chin with his hands, in a thoughtful posture] Yes.... soon I will dominate all.... and the first target of my wrath will be this lovely city....

~End of Chapter 4~

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